Exposure Strategist Lisa C. Williams To Launch New Program That Helps Women Make More Money While Working Less

Published on March 29, 2017

The Female Entrepreneur Movement, a new female empowerment program, is launching to help female business owners make more money while working less.

Lisa C. Williams, president of Augmented Publishing Group (APG), a full-service media and book publishing group, this week officially launched a new collaborative program to aid women in overcoming these eye-opening statistics and quotes: “Overall, women-owned firms average $143,431 in annual revenues,” and “Women are literally working themselves to death.”

Intent on impacting these statistics, the Female Entrepreneur Movement (FEM) will affect these challenges and the many others women business owners face such as: one women show, lacking mentors, difficulty getting funding and not having the respect and recognition they deserve.  Their plan to accomplish this is to partner with prominent organizations that support female businesses and together up level brands and business profiles for women entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders nationwide.

The goal of FEM is to provide a platform where female business owners are establishing greater credibility for themselves and through their investment in themselves, they will be investing in helping other female business owners by funding the scholarship program FEM offers.

“Between 2007 and 2016 alone, women-owned businesses grew by 45% – that is an incredible sign for the direction women are headed in,” said Lisa Williams, Founder and Owner of APG. “On paper, women business owners are on fire!  But theory and practice can be very different.  Women business owners are the fastest growing segment, working long hours that are affecting our health – and we’re still making considerably less.  The FEM initiative can change this. “

The initiative aims to help women cultivate the professional confidence they desire while helping these women to carve out a segment of the market specifically for their business. FEM will show  women business owners a new model for success that eliminates having to compete and helps them succeed while getting back their me-time.

“We will first help three thousand female business owners become the most respected players in their respective fields and become the Doyennes of their industry, and then we will help three million.” says Williams.

Williams has begun a speaking tour on this topic and is hosting an upcoming Webinar that is designed specifically for female business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs titled, “Women Stop Dying For Dollars! 3 Ways to Make Your Mark, Make More Money, and Get Your Me-Time Back,” on Thursday, March 30, 2017 starting at 6PM PST time.

Through positioning, publishing, publicity, public speaking, partnerships, and personal social responsibility campaigns, women business owners will get access to what’s working now, as well as support, so they, too, can start implementing effective ways that are earning their male counterparts seats at bigger tables.

The program will be anchored by a new book, The 30-Hour Work Week for Women Make More Money, Escape the Grind, and Get Back Your Me Time. 


For more information on FEM, visit: www.femaleentrepreneurmovement.com/.

For more information on APG, visit: www.leadingthewaybookprojects.com/.

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