Extraordinary Bold New Multi-Media Initiative for Battling Depression Unveiled

Published on December 23, 2014

Bold new multi-media initiative provokes dialogue and promises greater action for those suffering from Depression. This initiative provides powerful tools and methods to combat both Depression and the fallout that affects others.

Phoenix, AZ – Kellan Fluckiger CMC, CEO of KFI International announced the January 15, 2015 public release of the groundbreaking multimedia initiative TightRope Of Depression – My Journey from Darkness, Despair and Death to Light, Love and Life.

“This initiative will put in public hands new powerful tools and methods to combat both Depression and the fallout that affects people who love and care for those with the illness,” said Kellan Fluckiger, author and creator of the system.

“The devastating consequences of this disease and its widespread and often undiagnosed and untreated occurrence requires bold action and new thinking in our approach, particularly with the lingering stigma still attached to this condition,” Fluckiger also noted, “it is so common for this illness to rise up spectacularly with the suicide of a noted personality and have center stage for a time, but all too quickly, it drops back beneath the radar as yesterday’s news.”

TightRope of Depression is a multimedia initiative consisting of a new book, 2 albums of new original music and new original artwork combined with a speaking tour that will stimulate conversation, drive action and provide a new platform for discussion, action and de-stigmatization of this condition. The music and artwork will augment the reach and power of the project, specifically aiming at those who react more emotionally than intellectually to this problem.

This new initiative significantly increases the offerings and compliments other powerful programs developed by Fluckiger in his decades-long quest for personal excellence, unleashing creativity and coaching motivated people to extraordinary levels of achievement.

Developed from a personal 30 year battle and final victory over depression, decades of coaching and training experience, client feedback and research on methods of mastering internal conflicts, this new initiative provides innovative ways to understand and master the effects of depression in the lives of powerful and creative people, allowing them to be productive and unleash their full gifts and talents.

Fluckiger will be integrating this program with his extremely successful Break the Cage Now – Personal 90-day reinvention program which has helped hundreds of people make radical changes in their lives and create new and powerful habits of success in areas of wealth creation, business, relationships and achieving optimal health.

These programs are available on-line and the personal coaching aspects and are delivered in small groups and one-on-one either in person at the Desert Retreat or online using modern video conferencing technology so that geographic location is no limitation to participation in these amazing intensive experiences from anywhere in the world.

Fluckiger, a Certified Master Coach, is a pioneer in the creation and delivery of innovative and powerful programs for maximum performance. He has written 8 books, created multiple programs which have helped thousands and personally made millions over the years with his no-nonsense, take no prisoners style. He is also called ‘The Execution Mentor,’ and the ‘High Performance Grandmaster.’ To find out more, please visit www.kellanfluckiger.com or www.breakthecagenow.com.

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