FAB Teddies Knows How to Speak the Language of Hugs to Countries All Across the World

Published on April 8, 2021

During the country’s second lockdown, the inspiration of FAB Teddies became even stronger after it became a concern for individuals to even hug one another. 

CEO of Fab Teddies and FAB Enterprises, Carol Babalola, minister of the Most-High God, author, writer, coach, and host of MCB Real Life Talk Show recognised the urgent need for more hugs to be distributed around the world. The concept of FAB Teddies surfaced in 2020 and she immediately knew what God wanted her to do. During the country’s second lockdown, the inspiration of FAB Teddies became even stronger after it became a concern for individuals to even hug one another. 

Thus, the idea of creating the brand was born and Carol set out on a mission to give love and comfort to lonely children in hospitals, the isolated and adults who love teddy bears.

FAB Teddies are a one-of-a-kind, prestigious, global African print brand designed to make children and adults of all ages smile. The soft cotton, African prints are expertly handcrafted and reflect the African continent’s tradition, fashion and showcase its heritage.

 The lovely bears are adorned with cultural ornaments and colourful African attire which come in various Ankara prints. Since the brand’s creation, they have become known as a collectibles line, with FAB Teddies’ owners returning to purchase additional bears in other elegant prints, as well as treasured gifts.

Designers of FAB Teddies have carefully crafted each style to incorporate colours and patterns with meaning. Some colours evoke various emotions, and a great deal of thought has been put into each design. Made out of African prints, it’s not only the beautiful colours that were taken into consideration but also the texture of the materials, for those who enjoy the sensation of touch and feeling. The concept of the colours is meant to display health, beauty, and security. Calming colours, like blue, purple, and green, have a powerful stimulating effect on emotions, resulting in refreshing and relaxing effects on people. These reactions are rooted in psychological effects, biological conditioning, and cultural imprinting. Moreover, colours make an individual feel energised and enthusiastic like orange, evoking the feeling of vitality and happiness. And yellow evokes happiness, spontaneity, optimism, and cheerfulness. It is the most energetic of the warm colours, and is associated with laughter, hope, and sunshine. A mixture of blue to calm and red to intensify the atmosphere is also incorporated quite often into the designs.

With the popularity of FAB Teddies increasing, the company has also implemented a custom program where customers may order certain patterns and ornaments according to their specific needs or occasion. FAB Teddies come in multiple patterns exhibiting vibrant colours and textures and feature adorable names such as Duke, Sunshine, and Tola.

In support of charitable giving, the unique bears may also be purchased and donated to the hospital of choice. 

FAB Teddies has developed an entirely new way of celebrating life and loved ones, and of course, spreading happiness. While many are still unable to give hugs, FAB Teddies is providing the next best thing…smiles! Visit them online at www.fabteddies.co.uk to start a new gift-giving tradition that will remain in hearts and families for a lifetime.




FAB Teddies, a one-of-a-kind global African prints brand, created by CEO Carol Babalola, is loved by both children and adults. The soft cotton African print is expertly crafted, reflecting and showcasing the African continent’s tradition and fashion. The lovely bear is adorned with cultural ornaments and colourful African attire, which comes in various ‘Ankara’ prints. It is the perfect cuddly soft toy, great for kids, a lovely decoration piece, and a special memory. FAB Teddies also creates memorabilia teddies, custom-made according to the client’s need or occasion. These beautifully decorated teddies will no doubt make memories as they are passed down through generations and show that a hug is understood in every language of the world.

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