Family Travel Bloggers Mars and Ashley Fite Share What It’s Like To Live Full Time In A Converted Transit Van on The Nomadder Podcast

Published on April 11, 2019

Mars and Ashley Fite of share life on the road living full time in their converted Ford Transit van with daughter, Everly, and pup, Beirut.

Neil Howe and The Nomadder Podcast welcomed featured guests, Mars and Ashley Fite on the show to talk about their adventures converting a Ford Transit van into a tiny house and living on the road full time with their daughter, Everly and 10-year-old pup, Beruit.

Mars explains how life never looked the same after a fast 48 State trip in their Honda Civic in the Summer of 2016. They spend 3 months on the road visiting all the national parks and beauty that America has to offer. When they got home they decided to do it full time.

Ashley shares their search for a bigger vehicle and how they found their Ford Transit as well as the process they went through to convert it into a tiny house. Through a post on Facebook and a connection from a college friend, they caught the attention of HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living television series and documented the whole conversion.

In the interview, Mars shares how being on the road for work meant he didn’t get to spend the time with his daughter that he wanted. Now, they are together more than ever and creating incredibly strong bonds. It may not be everyone’s idea of The American Dream, but Mars and Ashley are living theirs and creating so many lasting memories doing so.

Ashley shares how the need for stability and control in her life at home has given way to an inner peace of knowing everything is going to be alright and being grateful for the things she has that she keeps close to her, her family.

You can listen to the full interview on Youtube.

Mars Fite is an entrepreneur, musician, creative and people-lover. Lamar prefers the outdoors and lives to question the brules and challenge the norm. He is passionate about people discovering and running after their dreams.

Ashley is a spokesmodel, music lover, and grammar nut. She loves pushing boundaries, being behind or in front of a camera, and encouraging others to live their best life.

Everly Boheme is the heartbeat of the Fite crew. She has enough energy for all and considers herself Beirut’s caretaker. Her days normally consist of hiking, ABC mouse, and learning about the amazing world we live in.

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Neil Howe, host of The Nomadder Podcast is a Best Selling Author and Writer for Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News and travels the country full time with his wife, Amanda, daughters, Avie & Paisley.

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