Fayetteville NC Optician And Entrepreneur Marcus McNeill Featured in Business Innovators Magazine

Published on September 14, 2014

Optician in Fayetteville NC turned entrepreneur and one of the first in the state to provide Optikam technology, is featured in the September issue of Business Innovators Magazine.

Optician Marcus McNeill, who not long ago was employed by a national optical chain, has carved out a niche in the independent business field with a unique optical boutique which offers traditional services in a cutting edge manner.

His mission is to do more for the patient than provide a simple but necessary commodity. He is one of the first opticians in North Carolina to acquire and implement the Optikam series technology for eye wear selection. As a pure measuring system, Optikam can make all the multiple measurements unique to each individual and all aspect ratios of frame to face, frame to ears, etc. and render them in one minute or less.

As a virtual reality assistant, Optikam photos of selected styles and fashions can be sent on demand to friends and family for simple sharing and more importantly for feedback on appearance. Also, side view and front photos can be seen immediately by the patient for self-evaluation.

In addition, Optikam acts to demonstrate how lenses react to certain real-life simulations such as, driving in the glare of a rainy night, how lenses transition from light to dark and much more.

McNeill is not constrained by the limits of corporate optical shops.

He makes fashion and style available with unique lines of frames such as Fysh and Kliik and the brands of Tom Ford and Evatik which are popular with celebrities.  He feels that if consumers want fashion eye wear in Fayetteville NC Seek Eye Care is the destination.

Having no corporate limits allows McNeill to constantly react quicker to trends in technology, fashion and customer service than optical store chains.  He is well-known for spending the time to work with each patient in order to find the best fit and look.

McNeill sums it up this way, “We consider it a gift and true blessing to serve others. Our business exists to address each client’s individual eye health. When clients see visually at their absolute best and look their best cosmetically, we have succeeded.”

According to Don Matheson, President of the Fayetteville Business Connection, a local business group to which Seek Eye Care belongs, “Marcus McNeill has demonstrated the eagerness to serve, with all the attention and information he can provide. He is motivated by his mission to help people achieve good eye health and the best look and function that they can get from their eye wear. He helps people get great results.”

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