Feminine Influencers Hits No 1 Amazon International Best Seller List For Women Writers And Is Recognized Hot New Release

Feminine Influencers Hits No 1 Amazon International Best Seller List For Women Writers And Is Recognized Hot New Release

Publisher Zaza Giroday released Volume One of “Feminine Influencers: Healers, Leaders And Givers – Women Who Serve From The Heart with Ilka Chavez, Janece Hoopes, RoseAnn Janzen, Michelle Quinn, Abby Rohrer, Shelley Sanders and Zhanna Shpits. The book hit No. 1 Amazon International Best Seller for Women Writers on February 27.

Plenitude Publishing’s recent release, “Feminine Influencers: Healers, Leaders, Givers – Women Who Serve From The Heart Volume One,” climbed all the way to number one in both the Women Writers and Questions & Answers Categories on Amazon.com’s International Best Seller list on February 27. The book was also recognized a Hot New Release in both categories.

The women portrayed in this book are said to be the front runners of the Feminine Influencers Movement.

Ilka V. Chavez

Ilka V. Chavez, is an international best-seller author, a professional speaker and founder of Corporate GOLD, LLC, a Global Organizational Leadership Development company helping leaders, communities and organizations reach their highest potential. In Feminine Influencers, Chavez underlines “Life is filled with ‘ships’. How can we align all the different ships: friendships, relationships, courtship, hardship, (just to mention a few) to make sure they all stay afloat while taking care of the number one ‘ship’ which is the relationship with yourself?”

Janece Hoopes

Janece Hoopes, is a clinical hypnotherapist, transformation coach, and transformational speaker. Hoopes help women and men break through their limiting beliefs and experiences, tap into their innate super powers, and create a life they love living. In the book, Hoopes outlines “You have to get your subconscious mind on board, not only so it stops holding you back, but so it starts to propel you forward, into seeing and experiencing the opportunities, the connections, the thoughts and the actions that you truly want to have in order to live your ideal life.”

RoseAnn Janzen

RoseAnn Janzen, is a writer, an intuitive, an artist, and a spiritually conscious entrepreneur who helps intuitive entrepreneurs & creatives become more aligned with their Divine Self. Janzen points out “What has come up with every client is that their vision and their dream are way too small. It’s going to be way more than they can even imagine. Once you can make that shift, it’s like a whole new world opens up for you and you never want to go back because the old one was so limiting. You see the illusion in the old when you have that new perspective.”

Michelle Quinn

Michelle Quinn, left the corporate world in 2008 to forge her own path as an intuitive coach and teacher. Quinn’s gift lies in re-connecting women deeply to the earth and helping access the information held within them. “I believe everyone’s intuitive in different degrees. The more people are connecting with their innate intuition, the easier their life can be because they’re working within their natural rhythms and cycles. The solution is to give them access to a language so they can understand what’s going on inside them and how to work with what’s going on around them,” Quinn explains.

Abby Rohrer

Abby Rohrer, Karma Healing Master, business and personal success coach, helps people achieve financial and personal success. Rohrer removes long-standing blocks such as earning ceilings, painful relationships, inhibiting challenges and anxieties. In the book, Rohrer shares “My biggest goal is to leave a healing legacy for the planet. This will allow women on a large scale to stop the painful bleed-through that these secret soul-level energies have in their lives. On the personal level, it is terribly painful, but collectively it is disastrous.”

Shelley Sanders

Shelley Sanders, is a business intuitive and medium. Sanders takes the practical skills learned in business and combines them with the nonphysical energies to help her clients translate their gifts into a profitable business. Sanders explains “I’m all about taking action, because when you’re connected to your inner wisdom and guidance you get information, and at the same time you’re inspired to take action. Talking is a great game filled with empty promises. It keeps what you want in ‘someday land’ where everything is perfect but never happens.”

Zhanna Shpits

From teaching music to success mindset coaching and keynote speaking, Zhanna Shpits, is inspiring and mentoring women across the globe to follow their dreams and succeed while deepening the connection with their children. “One of my favorite things to do is discover and change the relationship my clients have with their own stories. My special gift is to connect the dots and reveal the essence of who they are. This transforms their business and their relationship with themselves and others,” Shpits explains.

In response to the book reaching number one, Plenitude Publishing President, Zaza Giroday, said, “We are extremely fortunate to have this caliber of female Healers, Leaders and Givers who gave their time to be interviewed for this project. Each and every one of them is passionate about transforming the lives of their people. To have Amazon put this book at the top of their Best Seller list for Women Writers is an incredible achievement and puts a spotlight on the appreciation and recognition they deserve.”

With the recent popularity around women change-makers in the media, “Feminine Influencers” is a hot topic and a must read by all women looking to be inspired and empowered.

The authors will also be featured in the Feminine Influencers Talk Show in the weeks ahead. Watch the Feminine Influencers Show.

“Feminine Influencers – Healers, Leaders, Givers” is now available in the Amazon Kindle store Get the Feminine Influencers book here. A paperback version will be released shortly.

For more information about participating in the Feminine Influencers Show and Book projects email Giroday at zaza at feminineinfluencers dot com. Giroday is currently seeking women ready to step up as Feminine Influencers for her next book. Apply Here.

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