Find Freedom and Step Into Power with Valerie Prasetyo

Published on September 7, 2020

“There is no right or wrong time to start; there is always an opportunity to get experience.” – Valerie Prasetyo

Valerie Prasetyo is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, author, certified trainer, award-winning leader and world champion athlete. And most recently, Prasetyo has become known as the Founder of the Independent Women Platform and the upcoming Independent Women Summit being held virtually on September 12th and 13th. This movement, as many have coined the organization, has already begun to build, and empower, future leaders and is not stopping now! The Independent Women Platform equips women with essential skills needed to lead their personal, and professional lives, with confidence. And, it guides them to find their own, unique voice to maximize their influence, recognize their strengths and worth, and leverage these abilities to help others do the same. 

What is the most valuable thing in life? If you ask Valerie Prasetyo, she will tell you the answer: FREEDOM! The mission of the international Independent Women Summit is to help women find their way to financial, as well as mental, emotional & spiritual freedom. To help them achieve a position in life where they can choose where and when to work and with whom. To help them find a way to create a life that’s based on their own terms and conditions and to experience all facets of life while being independent and free. 

The idea of forming the Independent Women platform came with the birth of her first daughter. It was then, that Prasetyo realized the many roles of a woman in today’s world and how little support is received, and recognized the many challenges she faced through discrimination, suppression and undervaluation. Being Korean, and growing up in Central Asia, she experienced firsthand the lack of choices a woman was permitted in a traditional Asian family. For women dealing with these circumstances, it could very well lead to a feeling of being powerless. Prasetyo is here to say that life does not need to be this way!

During the 2-Day Independent Women Summit, participants will be exposed to incredible content. They will have the great opportunity of listening to world renowned speakers and entrepreneurs including Bob Doyle, featured expert in The Secret and best-selling author, Veronica Sosa, founder of SHE and international speaker and Thaddeus Lawrence, TEDx speaker, trainer, coach and author. Also featured at the Summit, will be business owners, passive wealth experts and authorities, as well as coaches, trainers and market and industry leaders will be there to answer questions and bring value to your life, business, relationships, health, finances and spiritual well-being. There will be practical sessions and exercises, offering real-world tips and strategies, where you will see how much value you can bring into this world and how much money you can earn, simply by discovering, and sharing, your inner gifts. 

By partnering with some of the top speakers and coaches from around the world, as well as influencers, the Independent Women Summit is truly going to penetrate the market by building a global community of motivated women anxious to take charge of the life they’ve always dreamed of. Led by one of the most driven, energetic, powerful women entrepreneurs, Valerie Prasetyo is ready to share her story and eager to help women change their lives for the better.

 “Find a person who has already succeeded and already has what you want to have, who is able to help you on your path. That will speed up the process and give you a chance to eliminate big mistakes and failures. I am always open to help people who really want changes in their lives and strive to enjoy financial freedom. Just get in touch with me.” – Valerie Prasetyo

As many women in today’s world do strive for a financial freedom, Prasetyo encourages them to find their passion as the first step. As one of her many “words of wisdom,” she is often heard saying, “If there is a spark inside you that keeps you awake at night and creative projects, and ideas, that you’d love to see become a reality, just go for it!”



Valerie Prasetyo is the founder of the Independent Women  and will be leading a 2-Day Virtual Summit on Sept 12th and 13th. She is a best-selling author, certified trainer, a world-champion athlete, a serial entrepreneur and an international speaker. She empowers women by providing them with the essential knowledge and tools to become independent leaders, to build up their successful business and passive income streams. She is a great motivator and encourages women to never stop learning and growing to continue to be the best version of themselves.

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