First-time Author and Mindfulness Mentor Kim Fuller Wins Two Book Awards for Non-fiction

Published on May 14, 2018

Fuller's New Award-Winning Memoir Enlightens Parents, Caregivers and Children About Reactive Attachment Disorder

MIDDLETOWN, RI – Parents, caregivers and children affected by Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) will be inspired when they read Finding: The story of a young boy who becomes his adoptive mother’s greatest spiritual teacher, a new memoir written and self-published by first-time author Kim Fuller, a mindfulness mentor, TEDx speaker and owner of Kim Fuller Photography.

The Independent Publishers of New England recognizes independent authors and named Fuller the winner of the Non-fiction Narrative category at its Fourth Annual Book Awards Ceremony on November 4, 2017 in Arlington, Massachusetts. The Nautilus Book Awards, which boasts several best-selling winners including Brené Brown and Deepak Chopra, honored Fuller with the 2017 Gold Award for Memoir based on her literary contribution to spiritual growth, conscious living and positive social change.

“Two years before adopting seven-year-old Keydell from a group home for young boys, I vowed before the Dalai Lama to become a bodhisattva: someone who cultivates an enlightened mind and practices kindness and compassion above all else. Finding is the true story of my struggle with this practice as my husband, two biological children and I welcomed Keydell into our home,” said Fuller.

The Fuller family soon discovers that Keydell has RAD, a condition in which children who have had early family trauma do not establish healthy bonds with parents or caregivers and display heightened emotional reactions, including violent tendencies. As the minds of this mother and her extraordinary son awaken – Fuller’s through her Buddhist practice and Keydell’s through the science of neurofeedback – readers experience how the power of mindfulness, love and compassion can improve even the most challenging relationships.

“My main mission with this book is to raise people’s awareness of reactive attachment disorder and offer wisdom and hope to parents, caregivers and children affected by it,” Fuller said. “I’m thrilled to receive these awards because I want this message to reach and impact many more people.”

As part of that mission, Fuller facilitates mindfulness workshops for professionals, parents and students to help them develop inner peace and better relationships. Clients include Adidas, Bank Newport, Rhode Island School of Design, United Way and YMCA. To learn more about Fuller’s interactive workshops The Art of P.A.U.S.E. and Mindful Photography, visit Kim Fuller Photography. Reporters can schedule an interview with Fuller by emailing or calling 401-225-3553.

About Kim Fuller
Kim Fuller is an author, TEDx speaker and creator of P.A.U.S.E., a mindfulness method she uses to help professionals, parents, caregivers and students develop inner peace and improve their relationship with themselves and others. A professional photographer since 1989, she owns Kim Fuller Photography in Middletown, Rhode Island.

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