Fitness Expert Christine Henson Shares Secrets to Sustainable Health

Published on December 28, 2014

Christine Henson, the Owner of 417 Rage Fitness in Nixa, Missouri has been quietly helping clients make drastic changes to their lives. In this short interview, Henson reveals some of her secrets for getting the best results out of her clients.

NIXA, MO – Christine Henson, the Owner of 417 Rage Fitness in Nixa, Missouri has been quietly helping  clients make drastic changes to their lives. In this short interview, Henson reveals some of her secrets for getting the best results out of her clients.

Christine Henson first entered a gym when she was 15 years old and quickly caught the fitness bug. Bodybuilding for women was just beginning to catch on in the United States after being very popular for years in Germany, where Henson was born and raised. She recalls, “Prior to that I was not very athletic, but lifting weights gave me confidence and I added running to my training program.”

Though she did get an early start in fitness, Henson didn’t turn her passion into a career until much later in life. Henson remembers, “Fast forward almost 30 years and I found myself in an unsatisfying corporate job where I felt I didn’t make a difference so  I decided to go for my dreams.” She adds, “I got certified as a personal trainer and I enrolled in a masters degree in exercise science which I will complete in May 2015.”

Christine Henson doesn’t just talk the talk but she walks the walk as well. She has competed in both bodybuilding and power lifting and understands the discipline necessary to achieve goals in life. When asked how she was different from other trainers or her competitors, Henson replied, “My main point of differentiation is my holistic approach to fitness.” She elaborates, “A client may seek me out to lose 30 lbs and wants all efforts focused on this weight loss goal. Without discounting my client’s goal, I design a program that increases athletic performance measured by benchmarks such as weight lifted for a number of reps, being able to run on the treadmill for 20 continuous minutes, being able to do a regular push up or lasting through an entire turbo kick class. Little successes along the way add up to major accomplishments.”

Henson continues on this train of thought, “Sometimes we have to start really slow and just set the goal to workout 3 days per week for 30 minutes for one month. The same goes for nutrition. I don’t promise a weight loss of 30 lbs in 30 days – that is both unrealistic and unhealthy.” And she is quick to clarify, “However, I do promise a sustainable nutrition regimen that considers various temptations and social obligations.”

Christine Henson has a unique and obviously, very effective approach with her clients. This is evidenced by her long list of client testimonials. One such success story is provided by Susan Palmer, a 57 year old Pharmacist. She says, “I’ve been Christine’s client for over a year. She’s always encouraging and never demeaning. I have noticed such a change in my body. My core is stronger now, my arms and legs are dramatically more toned. The workouts are challenging but still doable. I highly recommend her and training sessions with Christine would be the last thing I would ever cut out of my budget if faced with financial difficulty.”

Volare Yantis, a 42 year old Physician and mother of two has had a similar experience working with Christine. “I have been involved with other exercise programs with limited benefit over the course of many years. Christine has personalized my workouts to be efficient, yet challenging to meet my needs as a busy, professional woman. I would highly recommend training with Christine if you are serious about your overall health and making positive changes.”

Everyone knows that there is no magic pill or secret potion to transforming an unhealthy body into a firm, fit one. However, Christine Henson does share a number of tips that have helped her clients over the years, “The best way to improve your health is first of all deciding that this is what you really want to do and why. Even though ‘Doctor’s orders’ or health reasons are important, many times reasons are emotional.” Henson explains, ” Something like wanting to look good at a high school reunion may be what is really driving change. Once you are clear about the why, make a commitment to start today – not next week or January 1st.”

Christine Henson is the owner of 417 Rage Fitness and the author of the book, Quit Acting Like a Bitch and Become a Bad-Ass Woman. For more information about her or her services she can be reached via email at, on Facebook by liking 417 Rage Fitness, or by subscribing to her YouTube channel, Christine Henson.  

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