Fitness Expert Corey Nielsen Wages War On The Food Industry

Published on March 3, 2016

Corey Nielsen, a fitness and nutrition expert from Salt Lake City, Utah, is waging his own personal war on the food industry's misinformation campaign. Upset by the overwhelming amount of misleading and destructive nutrition information being piled on the average American consumer, Neilsen seeks to educate and empower those who desire to lead happier and healthier lives.

It has long been believed that the food industry has been adding many unnecessary preservatives, fillers and, by extension, calories to much of the food that is being put on the shelves in America’s supermarkets and health food stores. Fitness trainers and nutritionists across the United States have been working to educate the population about the unnecessary health risks of too much processed food in their diets for decades. Unfortunately, the situation appears to only be getting worse. The United States is one of the most obese countries on the planet.

Fitness and fat loss expert Corey Nielsen has had enough and he is waging his own personal war on the food industry’s misinformation campaign. His goal is to help people improve their health and well being. Nielsen is offering a series of free seminars, workshops, and even a free e-book about simple ways the average person can improve their health and well being through proper, fact-based, nutrition education and exercise science.

“I see people everyday who have been caught up in the tsunami of misinformation propagated by the food industry and a major portion of the supplement industry. I love helping people achieve their fitness goals and it makes me angry that so many wonderful people have been taken advantage of and had their health unnecessarily put at risk,” stated Nielsen.

Nielsen’s one-man vendetta against the food industry is already starting to have an impact. Nielsen’s clients are seeing massive results from his philosophies and training methods and they are spreading the word through their communities. Nielsen’s BNI (Business Networking International) group is even hosting him to teach free workshops and events to help improve its members health and welfare.

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