Flight Attendant Training School Updates List Of Flight Attendant Requirements For 2019

Published on November 2, 2018

The Flight Attendant Career Training Program, FACT, at the Triad Aviation Academy, has updated their website with the typical Flight Attendant requirements that the average airline looks for in 2019.

Being a flight attendant takes a special person who can handle the job, one who enjoys flying, is independent, can handle many different, unique situations & has a pretty even temperament.

And for many people, being a flight attendant is not as much a job as it is a lifestyle. Where else can you basically fly for free to just about any destination in the world?

The requirements to be a flight attendant are pretty universal, though some airlines may have additional requirements.

Carolyn Dillon the Executive Director of the Flight Attendant Career Training program at Triad Aviation Academy, weighed in on a few of the requirements that airlines look for.

You can visit her updated website to see the full list of flight attendant requirements here:  https://airlineinflight.com/requirements-to-be-a-flight-attendant/

Carolyn said, “the most asked question we get is ‘Am I too old to be a Flight Attendant?’ There is no age limit, the average age of a Flight Attendant in the US is 46 years old. The minimum age to be a Flight Attendant is 18.

Carolyn went on and said, “another question we get asked all the time is ‘What kind of work experience do I need?’ The answer is 2 years of any type of customer service or 2 years of college experience. People from all walks of life have successfully become Flight Attendants. You must also have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent and be a citizen or legal resident of the USA. Another sometimes overlooked requirement is you must be able to pass an intensive background, drug screen & fingerprinting check. This means no recent misdemeanors and absolutely no felonies.”

Although “Basic Flight Attendant Competency Training” is not an absolute requirement to get hired by an airline, but completion of that training dramatically increases your chances of getting hired.

Carolyn wrapped up and said, “tattoos and ear gauges are very popular these days. Make sure if you do have a tattoo, that you can cover it up. Tattoos on your neck and/or hands are frowned upon even though it is stylish today. If you have a friendly and positive attitude even during stressful or difficult situations and want a life that is full of adventure, being a flight attendant is like no other job on the planet.”

The Flight Attendant Training Program at Triad Aviation Celebrated their 20th Anniversary in May 2018.

You can learn more about becoming a flight attendant by watching a couple of short videos here: https://airlineinflight.com/learn-more

You can reach Carolyn and her staff to learn more about attending her short, 5-day flight attendant training program here: https://airlineinflight.com/


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