Fortitude Ranch ICO Gains Traction As North Korea Threat Heightens

As tensions soar between the US and North Korea one organization looks to be the safe haven if the worst case scenario plays out. If there were an attack and a food shortage ensued how would people survive?

Fortitude Ranch is a recreational and survival community for people who want to prepare for the worst and enjoy the present.  Fortitude Ranch is preparing and looking for like-minded people to join. The best approach to reliable, effective, affordable survivability is to join a survival community that is large and well prepared to deal with viral pandemics, marauder threats, and collapse conditions. Fortitude Ranch members can also use our facilities in multiple states as vacation and recreational sites.

The Fortitude Ranch mission states “To provide a facility and organization that safely, enjoyably, and economically allows our members to participate in outdoor recreation and survive a disaster that leads to a collapse in law and order”.

The proliferation of nuclear weapons is likely to get worse, not just because of North Korea and Iran, but advances in technology which will inevitably lead to much easier, harder to detect means to enrich uranium or other fuel. Both the lessons of history and the nature of man suggest that sooner or later, nuclear weapons will be used again, in a far more devastating manner.

Fortitude Ranch is creating a tradable cryptocurrency token for advance membership sales to fund the expansion of their facility locations and to provide more people with a cost-effective, affordable means to survive a collapse. The cryptocurrency token, called a Fortitude, gives holders a discount price on Fortitude Ranch membership, protection from membership price increases, and priority in joining when there is a waiting list.

Historically ICOs have funded development of new blockchain technology. The Fortitude Ranch Initial MemberCoin Offering (IMO) marks a turning point in ICOs funding existing companies applying blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a valuable asset for Fortitude Ranch to secure member identities and their security passwords for crisis entry into Fortitude Ranch locations. The CEO of Fortitude Ranch is Dr. Drew Miller, a retired USAF Reserve Colonel, and intelligence officer, with a Masters Degree and Ph.D. from Harvard University.  Dr. Miller served in the Institute for Defense Analysis, the top DoD think tank, and in the Senior Executive Service in the Pentagon. Dr. Miller’s background in security is not lost on the outlay and specified locations of the Fortitude Ranch sites for their strategic viewpoints and proximity to remote public forests, and builds simple, low-cost buildings with large extended basements or shelters.

Dr. Miller stated, “We are unique compared to other token sales as we are an established business, not a blockchain development startup.  We are applying blockchain technology, not developing it.  We have a token with a base of value, our current membership price.  Fortitudes have huge upside potential since there are likely to be periodic disasters, crises that lead to a surge in demand for our service, a wait list to join, and thus a run-up in Fortitude prices since many will see this as the only way they can get into Fortitude Ranch and protect their family.”

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