Frank Felker to Speak at Global Conference in London, England June 8, 2018

Published on June 1, 2018

Marketing expert Frank Felker, president of Digital Media Positioning, to present “How To Build A Customer Factory” at Color Accounting International’s 2018 Global Partners Conference in London, England, Friday June 8, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.

Frank Felker, president of Digital Media Positioning of Alexandria, Virginia, will present his Customer Factory Marketing Model to Color Accounting International’s global network of partners at their 2018 conference in London, England, June 8, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. This is a private event. No tickets are available.

“We are committed to the success of our partners around the world,” stated Color Accounting president and co-founder Peter Frampton. “And that success depends largely upon their ability to market our solution in their local markets, from North America and the UK to South Africa, Malaysia and beyond. Having worked with Frank for the past two years, we felt his message of systematic marketing success would be spot-on for this conference.”

Felker created his Customer Factory Marketing Model in the 1990s to explain how successful companies use marketing to initiate, foster and grow relationships with their clients over time. Building upon the illustration of a factory assembly line, the approach provides four steps which every successful marketing organization employs: Design Your Customer; Pick Your Process; Tool It Up; and Turn It On.

Available as an online course, live group training or even 1-2-1 coaching, The Customer Factory approach is said to be able to work for any business because it leverages the fundamentals of human communication to build relationships.

“Marketing is the most critical success factor for any business,” stated Felker. “Unfortunately, for most business owners, marketing is a mystery and sales is a dirty word. I created The Customer Factory Marketing Model to demystify marketing. It’s very gratifying when people tell me how much insight they gained by taking my course. I appreciate the opportunity to share this concept with Color Accounting’s global partner network.”

Color Accounting’s Global Partners Conference is an annual opportunity for the company’s network of partner firms, normally separated by thousands of miles, to connect in person to share ideas and successful case studies. In addition to England, Canada and the United States, partners will be flying in from China, South Africa, Ireland, Switzerland and The Cayman Islands. The private event is being held at the beautiful and historic The Wells, in North West London, June 7-9, 2018.

About Color Accounting
Color Accounting International is the publishing company and workplace education provider that developed and distributes the Color Accounting®  learning system, the revolutionary approach to teaching Accounting Literacy and Business Acumen. Through their global network of licensed partners, Color Accounting workshops are available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Afrikaans, Chinese, bahasa Indonesia, bahasa Malaysia and Italian.  

The company sees itself as a social enterprise, with a dual social-impact and commercial motive. They advocate accounting as a fundamental form of literacy, like Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Accounting literacy has the power to improve lives, corporations, not-for-profit organizations and governments, and Color Accounting International is committed to spreading that knowledge worldwide, through both commercial and charitable channels.

About Frank Felker
A bestselling author and the host of Radio Free Enterprise, Frank Felker has more than 40 years experience starting, running and helping small businesses. Over 20,000 entrepreneurs from 168 countries are enrolled in his online small business courses – and he has taught thousands more at live events across the United States, in Germany, Brazil and the United Kingdom. His most recent book, Digital Media Positioning: The Art & Science of Attracting Nothing But A-List Clients, is available from Powerhouse Publishing in paperback and eBook editions.

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