Frankfurt Book Fair Brings More Exposure For Jana Buchmann’s Award Winning Kid’s Book “Who Wants To Play With Little Mouse?”

Published on November 1, 2021

The award-winning book author of “Who Wants to Play With Little Mouse?”, Jana Buchmann attended the Frankfurt Book Fair to celebrate a new European distribution arrangement, to expand the impact of her book to both English and German editions.

Released in October 2020, “Who Wants to Play With Little Mouse – A fun counting story about friendship” rushed to the top of Amazon’s Bestseller list in the categories Popular Counting and Numeration and Number Systems in November 2020 and stayed for months at the top of it.

“Who Wants to Play With Little Mouse?” was presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair by the German self-publishing organization “Selfpublisherverband”. Buchmann’s English books will also be represented at the famous Festive Gift Fair in Birmingham, UK.

The next educational book in the “Little Mouse Series” will be released in November 2021 with 5 more books planned to complete the series. All books in the series have an educational topic for preschoolers in their story, the next release “What’s Your Name, Little Mouse?” will be all about continents.

“I believe that children love to learn in a fun and interactive way without obvious lessons and I enjoy writing books that reflect my belief.” – author Jana Buchmann

Math skills taught in early childhood education provide the foundation children need to succeed in elementary school and beyond.

“Children are naturally visual and can build relationships between numbers and a represented item. According to the National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families, using representation or pictures to clarify a relationship is making the use of mathematics real to a child’s mind.” Resilient Educator states in its article about the importance of math skills in early childhood:

The value in teaching children math concepts through story-sharing experiences like in Buchmann’s book is also emphasized in Scholastic Book’s article “Early Math and Literacy: A Powerful Pair”: We know that building language is an important way to support children’s learning of mathematics. One characteristic of children who do better than others in math is that they can explain and justify the mathematics they are doing. At the same time, one of the best predictors of later success in school mathematics is how well children understand and tell stories.”

To continue her growth journey, Buchmann successfully arranged a Germany distribution arrangement for her Little Mouse books in Germany, with Nova MD. The deal starts with the release of her German book in November and then distribution of both German and English books into book retailers in Germany. To make this start as professional as possible Jana is doing the first print-run of the hardcovers with the well-known European printer FINIDR.

Prioritizing quality production of the new edition and reprints, Buchman shared her most popular and latest Little Mouse educational merchandise on a fully-funded successful campaign on the Kickstarter platform.

“Who Wants to Play With Little Mouse?” is an adorable counting book for children aged three and above. They learn their numbers in a fun and interactive way while enjoying an adorable story about friendship. Interactive, engaging, and full of lovely details, this book invites little learners to practice numbers and to talk about feelings, kindness, and true friendship.

Jana Buchmann is a bestselling and award-winning author, a nature lover, and a mom to three little explorers. She loves walking in the woods and splashing in puddles, and she sees life as a big adventure. Jana believes that any child can learn to love reading if they are given the right book. Meeting local New York Times bestselling, award-winning author Ame Dyckman at a book festival in 2019 and seeing the crowd of little fans cheering at Dyckman’s books and lovely personality, strengthened this strong belief and inspired Jana to start writing her own books.

In her free time, Jana loves to give back to the community. She volunteered for several years as the Race chair for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Frankfurt, Germany, and supported Calling All Kids (CAK) during her expat years in the US. CAK is an organization that animates and streams children’s books for a storytime channel at a children’s hospital.

Jana’s latest book “I Can’t Reach It! – A Growth Mindset Book to Promote Self-Esteem” has also reached bestseller status in two categories and got an editorial feature by Reedsy Discovery as best picture book launch of the week.

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“Who Wants to Play With Little Mouse? – A fun counting story about friendship” is also available at Amazon

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