From Zero To Fully Booked: Helen Pritchard Reveals Controversial Marketing Technique For Business Owners

Published on August 31, 2018

LinkedIn expert, Helen Pritchard, takes online marketing gurus head on with a controversial inbound marketing strategy for business owners around the world.

Digital marketing agency owner turned LinkedIn expert, Helen Pritchard, reveals a controversial marketing strategy against 95% of LinkedIn trainers advice. Pritchard announces outrage at the recommended practice of sending personalised messages with a connection request and direct messaging sales pitches.

The standard practice of direct messaging when you request to connect with a person online, to Pritchard, is poor etiquette; a premature action which will not be beneficial to either party. Sending a sales pitch to a stranger need no longer be a logical sales and marketing approach thanks to Pritchard.

Impersonal messages on first interaction may be textbook LinkedIn trainer practice, but it is not the logical approach for the intuitive and advanced user of online networking platforms. Trust must be built prior to making a purchase and an audience will invest in products or services when companies are seen to be engaging, speaking and creating value as opposed to template emails before a relationship has been established.

Helen Pritchard’s communication strategy, and most contentious advice to date, goes against the grain of sales and marketing formula inciting anger and causing controversial online debates. Pritchard claims clients buy-in organically through frequent engagement and content on LinkedIn, as opposed to messaging directly on connection request.

The power tool for online business networking, LinkedIn, boasts 562 million users to date with 2 new users registering every minute. With 11 million active job roles available on the website at any given time and 94% of recruiters using LinkedIn to vet applicants, the platform has become a hub for client conversion, recruitment and business advice.

LinkedIn expert, Helen Pritchard, says, “On LinkedIn, we are defined by our headlines and we instantly know how we may benefit each other. This new approach is focused on buyer psychology which is the softer and personable side to client experience.” Pritchard continues, “Never will I slide into anyone’s inbox without being invited. I create environments for meaningful conversations, whereby we can communicate effectively and message each other only when we have an objective purpose and repertoire acting as a foundation. Together we’re stitching a network where we are more informed on each other, and that brings us all into higher successes.”

Championing the idea of trust gained through engagement on online connections content and LinkedIn activity, Pritchard believes engaging publicly shows attention to the recipient out of choice. Rather than connections becoming an anonymous sales pitch statistic, personal and tailored responses to online content shows you approach them with positive messaging and no ulterior motive. Thus building your credibility and increasing your visibility organically through greater presence and the nature of algorithms will allow your name to be shown publicly to the world.

As LinkedIn becomes saturated with recruiters and sellers, understanding how to reach your target audience is key. The standard practice of template messages may be the LinkedIn way, but Pritchard is pushing to change our habitual interactivity on the platform with engagement and content to create exposure and personality.

With an extensive digital marketing background and controversial yet ethical strategies that get clients huge results, Helen Pritchard has quickly become a leader in business growth using the LinkedIn platform through in-person workshops, online training via a LinkedIn Bootcamp, and flagship program LinkedIn Mastermind.

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About Helen Pritchard

Helen Pritchard is a renowned business mentor, LinkedIn specialist, digital marketing agency owner, and the Founder of “The Virtual Networking Club”. She is one of the world’s leading LinkedIn experts and hosts 12-week LinkedIn Mastermind program for business owners. The next LinkedIn Mastermind intake is open for registration and begins September 2018.


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