Functional Fitness Training In Fayetteville NC Provides Exactly What Participants Need

Published on January 28, 2018

The new wave of Functional Fitness training in Fayetteville NC is offered in large traditional gyms, human performance centers and even medical massage practices.

Whether a person loves to exercise, finds it a necessary evil or just does it because the doctor recommends it, the new wave of functional fitness is an efficient, effective and even enjoyable way to train.

In our research we have found that many people have heard the term functional fitness, yet don’t really know what it is. There are varyious explanations of the trend and in our opinion, this one from the Mayo Clinic nicely clarifies it.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, “Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to help you do everyday activities safely and efficiently. Find out more about functional fitness exercises – and what they can do for you.”

Notice there is a suggestion for further research on the subject. The Mayo Clinic supports what fitness professionals and enthusiasts have known for years. This is the fact that while all fitness can be cosmetically rewarding, the health and functional benefits for each individual are the real rewards.

Functional fitness exercises are structured to involve compound movements that will help people in their daily lives as they perform tasks like pushing or holding open a heavy office door, changing a tire or lifting and holding a young child. It’s about improving functional performance in life.

Most people can perform the workouts at their own level. Results can be achieved relatively quickly, some readily evident such as muscle appearing where none previously existed. Other benefits, such as increased positivity and confidence, are more closely experienced. For many it is the ideal fitness program.

Professional local fitness and health facilities offer environments where information is shared on fitness and nutrition and most importantly provide support which fosters a healthy lifestyle.

There are several great options for Functional Fitness training around Fayetteville NC .

When it comes to huge gyms there is the Omni Health and Fitness Center at 1400 Walter Reed Drive. The total fitness area is probably the largest in the county. There is a women-only training room and a large room specifically designated for Functional Fitness with the requisite bands, weighted balls, weights with handles and cardio machines. A large carpeted alley among the weight stack machines offers weighted sleds, tractor tire, wooden jump boxes and heavy swing ropes. For more information, Call the Omni directly at 910-565-6218 or visit the website by clicking Omni Health and Fitness Center Fayetteville NC

In the Haymount area there is a unique and popular training facility called Fit4Life Sports Performance and Wellness Center. Located at 2803 Fort Bragg Road this gym has all the traditional cardio, weight and aerobics areas and also offers approximately 2400 square feet of indoor turf, on which almost any functional fitness exercise can be performed. This area is also great for athletes who wish to practice their ‘sport specific’ movements for achieving that edge in their competitive sports. Personal trainers are available as well. There is also a child play area for parents who wish to bring their children to the gym.

Manager Scott Mathews sums it up this way, “Having a gym full of people is a great thing and it allows us to participate in fundraisers for local charities and do more community promotions about health and fitness. All of which we hope will change attitudes about the traditional gym culture and lead to healthier lifestyles for everyone.”

Fit4Life is open 24 hours every day of the year, accessible with a coded, digital membership card. For more information visit the website here: fit4life functional fitness or call the club at 910-568-5962.

In the Methodist University area of North Fayetteville, the premiere medical massage clinic in the county, Healing Hands Body Therapy, has just expanded with a Functional Fitness room offering Rehabilitative Yoga and Functional Fitness classes.

Professionals conduct the classes and the smaller class size is popular as it allows the instructors to focus more attention and give guidance on form and intensity as they walk each class member through the movements.

One interesting twist according to owner Brenda Howell, “Our instructors use bands and simple equipment that can be duplicated at home. Because of this people may find that they have some ‘homework’ when not attending classes, helping participants develop better consistency.”

For more information or even to book classes or massage treatment online, visit the website at healing hands functional fitness or call the office at 910-818-2513 and speak with Emily or Sarah.

Each facility listed here has unique services to offer. All of them are open for people to visit and take a tour. This is the way to find the best combination for each participant’s unique situation. Indeed, just showing up for training is the main ingredient and consistency is the best friend to fitness in general and functional fitness specifically.

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