Gaining Momentum: Incite Authority Adds Alicia Williams As Exec. Director, PR / Marketing Strategy

Published on March 19, 2016

Alicia Williams, Executive Director of Marketing and PR Strategy for Incite Authority Media rockets company to forefront of industry.

Incite Authority will benefit from the fifteen years of marketing and award winning PR strategies Williams brings to the company. Recipient of the ATHOC award for marketing performer of the year for Wyndham Asia Pacific, Williams is one of the marketing industry’s leading innovative minds and a brilliant strategist. Her experience, fresh ideas, and unprecedented leadership ability makes her the ideal choice for the position.

Williams’ highly acclaimed talents will undoubtedly assist Incite Authority Media in becoming the leading authority in the marketing and public relations world. Alicia’s ability to take an established brand and bring it to worldwide recognition is considered nothing short of genius. Her work ethic, dedication to clients and proven track record is the perfect recipe for any entrepreneur’s professional success.

“I’m honored and excited to be part of a team that will impact entrepreneurship worldwide,” said Williams.

To successfully attract attention to a brand, business owners need to promote not only their business, but themselves as well. Alicia’s business model is beautifully simple. “In order to have a successful brand, you need only market three things: yourself, your business, and your product, in that order,” indicates Williams.
Fashion icon Ralph Lauren clearly understands the importance of branding and the impact it has on one’s success. According to Lauren, “Your vision is very important. You should know whom you’re selling to, what your marketing and advertising says about you, and whom it’s speaking to.”

It is Williams’ uncanny ability to hone in on an industry’s niche market that makes choosing Incite Authority Media the smartest choice for your marketing and PR campaign.

For more information on Alicia Williams and the Incite Authority Media, please visit or call 702-202-7939.

Company Name: Incite Authority Media Agency LLC
Contact Person: Alicia Williams
Phone: 702.500.1416
Country: United States