Garvin Reid Launches New Podcast on The Business Innovators Radio Network called “Wellness on Demand”

Published on May 25, 2020

Garvin is passionate about  strategies that empower a healthier life to achieve complete wellness.

In his first podcast episode, Garvin interviews fitness coach Curtis Harris. Curtis has been a Fitness Coach for over ten years with a coaching background in Corrective Exercise, Boxing, MMA Conditioning, and Women’s Fitness.

Curtis became a personal trainer over ten years ago to share his enthusiasm, passion and knowledge to show people how physical fitness could ultimately change a person’s way of life for the better. His extensive background in coaching (Corrective Exercise, Boxing, MMA Conditioning and Women’s Fitness Specialist) has provided him with the ability to comprehend various perspectives that has enabled him to reach out and connect with diverse clientele no matter the fitness level, exercise style, goals and where they are on the motivation scale.

Getting to know his clients is very important. Listening plus developing a true understanding of who they are and their journey is monumental, not only in creating a tailored program but to also construct the framework in building a lasting bond! Connecting with clients also gives information on how they learn and how to deliver info and how to challenge them.

We connect with Curtis during a time of quarantine to learning how to stay fit in our new reality of Working from Home (WFH).

The full interview is available on the Business Innovators Radio Network

Garvin states, “Life is a journey and we have to enjoy the ride by seeking the best possible life. To grow and become our better selves we must continually seek and apply knowledge.”

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