Gerine Skamarak’s New Book About Selling a Home in New Jersey Provides Practical Ideas for Selling a Home for Top Dollar and Fast

Published on March 30, 2018

Real estate agent Gerine Skamarak releases her new book: What Every Person Needs to Know About Selling a Home in New Jersey.

Gerine Skamarak has been winning awards since 2005 for her unusual approach to selling homes in Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex counties, New Jersey. Thanks to prior careers in investment banking and marketing, Skamarak of EXIT Realty East Coast brings to the table a remarkable financial background as well as unmatched real estate expertise.  Selling a home is not for the faint of heart but in her new book What Every Person Needs to Know About Selling a Home in New Jersey, Skamarak shares the insider secrets she’s learned over her 13 years as an agent.

“Just the smallest details when you get your home ready for market can make the difference of thousands of dollars,” explains Skamarak. “And it all starts with the selection of the real estate agent.”

In her book she reveals things like: what to expect when selling, how to get your home market ready, what staging ideas really work, and how to select a real estate agent.  She shares how the MLS works and helps the readers know how to price their home for a quick sale.

“Real estate agents can promise the world, but when it comes time to actually deliver on those promises they often can’t. Most companies advertise a home. The Gerine Team ‘merchandises’ the home,” Skamarak says. “It’s all about understanding what’s going on in the buyer’s head and knowing how to market to them.”

In her book, Skamarak shares that teamwork cannot be overstated. The perception of real estate twenty years ago is not the reality of real estate today. Supply and demand sometimes reverse, causing an oversupply of homes.  In some markets, there may be only one buyer for every twenty to twenty five homes for sale. How do you position yourself in the number one or number two slots to receive an offer on your home when the market is saturated with distressed sales at rock-bottom prices?

Sellers need to keep in mind that selling a home is both a price war and a beauty contest. Skamarak and her team of seasoned experts know how to navigate whatever market is happening at that moment.

What Every Person Needs to Know About Selling a Home in New Jersey, not only shares Skamarak’s expertise, but includes tips and tricks any seller can use with any agent. What Every Person Needs to Know About Selling a Home in New Jersey is available for $12.95 or by calling Skamarak’s EXIT Realty East Coast office at 908-902-4778 and asking for a free copy

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