Giulio Zecca Founder at innovAchievers Creates Mastermind for Elite Entrepreneurs

Published on July 31, 2020

800 million jobs will be disrupted by Artificial Intelligence within 9 years... The first companies where people perform work in a way that machines cannot do will have a huge competitive advantage over the competition in terms of productivity and fulfillment.

Giulio Zecca, founder at innovAchievers, is a recognized thought leader about the impact of technology on society (the way we live and work) who consults executives and business owners to achieve more productivity, better fulfillment, and higher profits. He has a strong belief that technology and innovations are meant to serve a greater good, while education and leadership should be used to create better working conditions.

This trend is already visible from the increasing demand for motivation and purpose, condensed by Simon Sinek in “Start with WHY.”

“It is absolutely fundamental to know why you do what you do and resonate with it, but it’s incomplete; I realized that even people that find their Purpose obsess with WHAT to do and then get stuck on HOW to do it,” said Zecca.

“The real question, instead, is WHO,” he said. “It’s the power of putting several, different minds together that brings to new perspectives, new questions, new challenges, new solutions better than a single mind alone can imagine.”

Zecca explained, “It has often been in moments of crisis that humanity has come up with massive breakthroughs to elevate the conditions for our society – which means you and your beloved ones have a better life. The uttermost asset during these moments is to keep your focus: humanity needs you to get our minds together and create a result that is more than the sum of our individual contributions.”

Zecca is an inspirational leader, committed to helping companies succeed, even — or especially— during challenging times.

Zecca said, “It’s excruciating for me to hear stories from companies worldwide and see how most of them lose productivity by constantly pushing their employees to be more efficient. The people feel overly stressed, and so eventually the business loses its people and/or its productivity.”

But besides the consulting and the live workshops to achieve 40% more productivity, there is more.

He added, “People who work with me benefit by the best hints I learned from world-class business mentors, from research made by Harvard Business School and McKinsey, and from my years of expertise in Project Management. The most valuable and precious asset is the interaction with the other leaders who innovate in the present in order to achieve in the future; this is why I decided to create a mastermind for elite executives and entrepreneurs. A chosen group of people that can multiply the solutions and the results in their companies and with their people. Because we know that to obtain results beyond what you already had, the best and fastest way is to surround yourself with top like-minded professionals.”

To register your interest go to Mastermind.

“New technologies are bringing a revolution in our workplace and it’s inspiring to see how this opportunity can be used to maximize the human potential. Executives and Entrepreneurs who work with me aim to elevate the conditions for their company and for the world” he concluded.

About Giulio Zecca

Giulio Zecca talks about leadership and technology disruption; maximizing human potential is the only way for people to achieve more fulfillment, better productivity, and higher profits. Leadership is key to harness the increasing impact of Automation and use it to create better conditions for our Society. For more about his mission at innovAchievers, visit his website.

Company Name: innovAchievers
Contact Person: Giulio Zecca
Country: Netherlands