Global Blockchain Summit: How One Company Wants to Revolutionize Education

Published on April 4, 2018

Education is the cornerstone of success. This is evidenced by the rapid growth of the educational, personal and professional development industries.

The Success Resources group of companies is behind an initiative to overcome this problem. The company has for the past 25 years, organized and promoted hundreds of seminars and workshops annually across 30 countries and over its lifetime has had over 10 million attendees.

The first part of this initiative is the SuccessLife Marketplace, a curated marketplace of digitized educational, personal and professional development content with a global distribution network.

Presenting at the Global Blockchain Summit, SuccessLife CEO, Tony Lorge says,

“This marketplace will be built on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to deliver relevant content to our subscribers to help them get the content they’re looking for at the right time.” SuccessLife also plans to offer live streaming of events featuring speakers such as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

“This is the economy of having ‘online, real-time, available anytime, anywhere’ and the SuccessLife Token is the mechanism to bring this content to a broader market.”

Building SuccessLife Tokens on the Multichain blockchain allows subscribers to benefit from its transaction processing speed, gamification of course materials, rewards for uploading content and to control their wallet permissions directly through the platform.

His plan is for SuccessLife Tokens to be the go-to currency for all things related to the industry. The company is “positioned as an industry token, not just a company or product token,” which means SLT holders can make exchanges with other users or companies that participate in the SuccessLife ecosystem.

SuccessLife describes its vision to “create the world’s leading digital marketplace for premium personal and professional development and educational content – a global community for entrepreneurs or individuals seeking inspiration, motivation, or well-being.”

Everyone seeks success and fulfillment. SuccessLife provides the means to access the education that will empower them towards attaining that outcome.

About: Success Resources: The Global Provider of Life-Changing Education

Established in 1993, Success Resources has grown to become a global provider of educational resources, seminars, and workshops. We believe that education and learning experiences transcend the boundaries of a classroom, and in the course of 26 years, we have proudly, and positively impacted over 10 million lives across 35 countries. More information at

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