Glutathione Expert Dr. Jimmy Gutman Discusses This Antioxidant With The Autism Community

Glutathione Expert Dr. Jimmy Gutman Discusses This Antioxidant With The Autism Community

 Dr. Jimmy Gutman recently spoke about the importance of Glutathione as a tool to help children with Autism. According to Dr. Gutman, Glutathione is one of the most effective antioxidants in existence. The protein delivers an important source of Glutathione to those with Autism and helps them lead a more productive life.

Dr. Jimmy Gutman, the leading expert on Glutathione recently served as keynote speaker at the 2014 Autism One Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Gutman delivered the important message that Glutathione is an important weapon in the battle against Autism. The conference was sponsored by Immunotec Research and gave speakers like Dr. Gutman the platform to reveal their important research and findings. Dr. Gutman’s presentation was very well received by those in attendance, who included members of the medical and scientific communities as well as families who deal with Autism on a daily basis.

Dr. Gutman refers to Glutathione as nature’s “Master Antioxidant” and used his time at the conference to, among other things, reveal how Glutathione is the toxic waste neutralizer of the body. Recent research revealed that children with Autism don’t produce enough Glutathione, so any process that gets this important antioxidant into their systems is an important way to combat the effects of Autism.

Dr. Gutman spoke about the significance of Immunocal, a protein supplement that is used to boost the immune system and that has been shown to be effective when taken by children with Autism. Immunocal has the potential to make the lives of Autistic children much better and much more comfortable. It does this by addressing the issues that torment Autistic children like respiratory problems, food allergies and gastrointestinal issues.

Dr. Gutman also stressed that Immunocal is safe as well as effective. In fact as Dr. Gutman pointed out, a pilot study published in the Journal of American Nutraceutical Association in 2008 revealed that Autistic children had a very high tolerance level when taking the protein. That majority of children in the study were able to consume Immunocal without any adverse side effects. These findings were so important that a much larger study is being conducted in the State of Florida to confirm the findings.

For Gutman, the lack of Glutathione in Autistic children is a very serious issue that exacerbates if not contributes to the condition. As Dr. Gutman reported, there are serious immunological and detoxification-related difficulties inherent in low glutathione levels and raising those levels is an important part of the on-going treatment for Autism.

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