Gold Grizzly Publications wants to help authors outside of Alaska!

Published on July 13, 2015

Gold Grizzly Publications, an Alaskan Publishing house is geared for success in the ever growing publishing world and putting Alaskan authors on the map.
Gold Grizzly Publications, Publishing in the North.
B. Sellars Briggs, Publisher and Author, appears in photo essay on USA Today about his newest book Spiritual Warfare and what it takes to sharpen your writing skills to get published and recognized in the ever saturated field of self publishing.
Authors B. Sellars Briggs and Dante Kun interviewed with news reporter Anna Lande of Anchorage’s KRUA 88.1 fm.
Gold Grizzly Publications, an Anchorage Independent Publisher, was chosen to participate in a photo essay for about being an independent publisher in Alaska among a field of national traditional publishers.
B. Sellars Briggs was selected due to his special expertise on what it takes publish a book from scratch and the steps required to make it happen.
Author, B. Sellars Briggs of Gold Grizzly Publications in Anchorage, Alaska was selected out of thousands of independent publishers to appear in a national photo essay in USA Today on publishing.
Gold Grizzly Publications was selected because of their track record of working with local authors in producing quality page-turners and their good standing in their local community.
Owner, B. Sellars Briggs said, “Gold Grizzly is honored to be chosen for USA today’s National Photo essay. It has taken years to be recognized as a viable publisher and we are humbled for our authors to be featured on USA today as well as KRUA in Alaska. We would also like to thank the city of Anchorage for their support.”
The photo was taken prior to the inaugural broadcast of Arctic Authors. Arctic Authors is a new segment on KRUA 88.1 fm college radio of the University of Alaska Anchorage featuring Alaskan authors. Authors B. Sellars Briggs and Dante Kun read portions of their novels and spoke about what inspired them. They also explained how discipline and patience plays such an important part in the writing process.
Located in Anchorage, Alaska, Gold Grizzly Publications is an independent Alaskan publishing house born out of the needs and experiences of first time authors. Gold Grizzly Publications is the brain child of B. Sellars Briggs, whose unsatisfying experiences of rejection from traditional publishing houses encouraged him to focus on a venture that would help others like him enhance their careers as writers. While their focus is on quality fiction, they are always looking for that special jewel to publish. They currently have three authors and are working on more exciting titles.

About B. Sellars Briggs
B. Sellars Briggs is an Alaskan author relocated from New York City. He is the author of four novels and founder of Gold Grizzly Publications. His novels have marked his growth from street literature to novels of enlightenment.  Mr. Briggs has literally paid his dues in life lessons and is now looking forward to living his dream and helping other writers live
their dream.
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