Announces Partnership With Barbasol to Donate 2000 Razors To Homeless Shelters and Food Banks In Time For The Holidays

Published on December 16, 2015 announced the partnership as a clear win for the hot new Canadian razor startup, in a blog post written by their founder Mark Hurson. “I’m delighted to announce our new collaboration with Barbasol.” said Hurson, “We are a small Canadian company and to see a major shaving manufacturer such as Barbasol show interest in our donation model and step up with a donation of 2000 razors makes us incredibly proud.

Paul De Vries, Director of Sales for Barbasol in Canada applauded the donation model that has adopted, saying “We’re incredibly happy to participate by donating these razors and we look forward to helping more events like this happen.”

The majority of razors will be distributed to local organizations this holiday season, through a new partnership between Brands for Canada, and

Marcus Saroop, Executive Director of the Beneficent Foundation, is thrilled to see more organizations joining the cause. “Goodshave is giving back to the people of disadvantaged communities. These three friends have put people first by giving to the recipients at homeless shelters an exceptional shaving product and way to help people that may be having a difficult time put their best foot forward.” The Beneficent Foundation develops charitable programs in over 35 countries, and is launching a Food Matters program that will serve the homeless and lower income families three healthy high-quality meals, prepared 7 days a week, from discarded fresh grocery-store food that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

Tom’s Shoes Founder and Chief Shoe Giver ( was kind enough to acknowledge’s commitment to helping others on his personal Twitter account. Tom’s Shoes business model “one for one” was a direct inspiration to Goodshave Founder Mark Hurson and it spurred him to create a shaving company that sold a great product but also to give back to the less fortunate.

The act of giving back is becoming more popular for business brands of all types; last week, Canadian music sensation Justin Bieber played an intimate concert to 1,500 fans at Danforth Music Hall, to fundraise for the Stratford, Ontario food bank that his mother used when he was younger.

For more information on GoodShave and how you can help them get another 10,000 razors to homeless shelters and food banks, visit them online at

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