Gordon Ballinger From Trinity Team at Keller Williams Shares Powerful Commercial Real Estate Insight on the Influential Entrepreneurs Show with Mike Saunders

Published on June 5, 2017

Gordon Ballinger, Broker Associate and Principal at Trinity Team at Keller Williams, recently shared his commercial real estate tips and strategies on the newest episode of Influential Entrepreneurs.

Mr. Ballinger’s illustrious career in real estate extends over four decades in the community. His years of commercial expertise have earned him the reputation as a conscientious and engaged source of knowledge and prowess in the North Metro area. He is best known for his work in commercial real estate, development projects, and leasing for businesses such as retail, industrial, and office spaces. Mr. Ballinger’s extensive experience with residential and commercial HOA have also provided him with the insight into the mind of a real estate entrepreneur. 

Mr. Ballinger highlighted the importance of teamwork and sustained relationships of trust to achieve business objectives and success:

“I’m doing deals right now with the third generation,” Ballinger said. “One of them that sticks out to me as a huge compliment is that they trust me. In dealing with properties up to two, three, or four million dollars it’s important to be trusted. But it’s even as important on the $125,000 or $200,000 deal. People need to know: ‘Can I trust you and do you have my best interest first and foremost?'”

Mr. Ballinger reaffirmed this in stating his policy to always return calls, a huge issue which he noticed lacking in commercial brokers. This simple act drives a more personal and loyal experience, as well as counteracts previous negative experiences customers may have had previously with other firms. 

Mr. Ballinger also touched on weathering “boom and bust” trends in the commercial real estate industry:

“What we do is switch gears, if things aren’t being built, we don’t sell a lot of dirt, we switch over into leasing or sell office buildings or small strip malls,” said Ballinger. “We have the ability to change gears, commercially, and that has the ability to stabilize our business.”

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