Gordon Myers Launches the Electronic Version of His Popular Book Street Smart Kids

Published on April 16, 2015

"Street Smart Kids" Shares Insights on How Kids, Teens and Young Adults Can Avoid the School of Hard Knocks

Gordon Myers released the electronic version of his popular book which raced to the Number One Bestseller position in several categories on Amazon. His book, “Street Smart Kids” discusses how teens and kids can experience a more fulfilling, less stressful life journey.

“This book is based on the very simple premise that we are all surrounded by experienced people everywhere, each one a potential teacher,” mentions Myers. “Their collective experiences in all facets of life far surpass what an individual is capable of learning alone.”
“Street Smart Kids” common stories filled with amazing pieces of wisdom can help spare young adults from the unnecessary drama, potential regret and years of despair sometimes caused by making a single bad decision.

“Young people need to hear this stuff! Hard knocks are often just too hard and the right lessons aren’t always learned.” Gordon adds, “Problems that can’t be solved with resources are best solved by prevention, made possible by the implementation of objectivity, common sense and logic.”

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