Gordon Myers New Book Soars to Number One on Amazon’s Bestseller List

Published on January 21, 2015

"Built to Bully" Teaches How to Stop Bullying in the Home, at School and at Work.

Gordon Myers released the electronic version of his book which raced to the Number One Bestseller position in several categories on Amazon. His book, “Built to Bully” reveals a new perceptive on the issue of bullies and bullying and how his system can the use the character traits of Bullies and turn them into leaders.

“There are numerous 12-step type programs out there for almost every destructive behavior you can imagine,” mentions Myers. “Programs addressing far less dangerous habits than bullying—but no one has yet created one for bully rehabilitation, something that negatively effects over 3 million children in the United States alone. It seems like we missed the boat here.”

“Built to Bully” provides a process which can be used to transform traits of bullies to leadership skills.

“I’m very excited at the response my first book got on Amazon”; and Gordon added, “It’s great to be at number one on Amazon, but more importantly I would like to make it quite clear that even the most troubled bullies can turn their lives around if somebody would just take the time to help them and to show them how their behavior and specific qualities manifested by their past adversity can be used in a constructive way.”

About Gordon Myers

Gordon was born in Namibia, (South West Africa) where kids grew up a certain way, much like they do today, under some very troubling circumstances. And like kids everywhere today Gordon was subjected to harsh disciplinary dominance by parents, schools, teachers and peers early in life. Getting bullied around every corner, he was faced with a decision to make. To continue being victimized and made to feel worthless or to take control and turn into a bully like them. Floating between victim and bully until he no longer had to, Gordon made it a mission to change his habits and use the tools gained by all that adversity and put them to good use.

From coaching to teaching and authoring Street Smart Kids in 2012, Gordon is very much on track to make a huge difference to stop relentless bullying. By realizing that bullies lead and leaders bully, it became apparent that bullies could be put in to effective leadership roles and be instrumental in stopping the need to teach the weaker or different kids how to be better victims.

Gordon believes there are many of us that have learned to attack as a means of defense but he is showing a world of strong willed capable, influential, go-getter men and women how to put what they learned to good use, all while positively fulfilling their own insatiable needs.

See more at www.BuiltToBully.com

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