Grand Cayman Kids Raise Money with Fun, Colorful Charitable Slime Project

Published on October 8, 2018

Grand Cayman— Cayman Islands— During the summer of 2018, Abbigail and Emily Bodden created a new website, Cayman Slimez, to raise money for the local Humane Society.

Cayman Slimez Announced the Launch of a New Website. The project originated with the girls’ mother, who wanted them to spend quality time together, but the girls got it done with the help of their friends.

“Emmi & Abbi created some amazing slimez earlier this summer with a little help and encouragement from a few amazing friends, Calissa, Isabella, Janey, and Chloe. They wrapped up sales and donated a percentage of the proceeds to our local Humane Society. Well done, and I’m so proud of my girls for being so creative and for having such kind hearts!”

Two kids in the Grand Cayman Islands enlisted the help of their friends to create and sell colorful slimez for a charitable cause. During the summer of 2018, the girls sold over 50, 12-ounce containers of eye-catching, gooey slimez in an array of colorful and wacky designs. Kids and adults alike contributed to the cause, with sales concluding in August. A check with a percentage of the proceeds was sent to the local Humane Society.

The Team

Sisters, Abbigail J. Bodden, a university student, and Emily E. Bodden, a high school student brought the project to fruition. However, they credit their success — and a great deal of fun — to their generous friends, who contributed in the following roles:

Creative Team, Naming Labels: Calissa Ylagan and Isabella Seguin

Manufacturing and Production, Slime Generation: Janey Veilleux

Sales Manager: Chloe Jackson

Emily and Abbigail Bodden launched the effort following an idea first conceived by their mother, who wanted the girls to enjoy their summer together. In July 2018, the family kitchen was converted into a slimez science laboratory each evening after dinner, with production often running into the wee hours of the next day. Echoes of laughter and the moans of hard-working laborers could be heard from the family room, witnessed by a sympathetic mother.

The sisters fulfilled the company charter by thoroughly enjoying fun and quality time together. When the slimez were ready, Emily suggested that the family donate a percentage of the proceeds to the local Humane Society. Emily’s friend Janey came for a team-building exercise, known as a sleepover in some corners, at the company headquarters, also known by its former name, Abbi and Emmi’s house. Janey generously offered to create a special slime and encouraged the Bodden sisters in their altruistic endeavor.

Abbi put her considerable marketing skills to work and snapped the slimez in a variety of creative settings with Emily acting as a photography assistant and sometimes model. The following weekend, two other friends, Calissa and Isabella joined the team during a teambuilding event with Emily. Out of this brainstorming session, the slimez were assigned memorable names designed to appeal to the target audience — family and friends wanting to support ambitious kids and local animals. In exchange for their help, Calissa and Isabella received remuneration in trade and took home the slime of their choice.

Abbi’s marketing skills and Emmi’s creative talent led to the creation of an Instagram page featuring the slimez in all their gooey glory, accompanied by the price and information about the benefiting charity. Sales concluded on August 10th, and a donation in the form of dog and cat food was given to the local Humane Society that afternoon.

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