Griffiths Calls for Changes to Traditional Ways of Supporting Sexual Abuse and Trauma Survivors

Published on July 25, 2019

INTERNATIONAL/ AUSTRALIA - - - One billion minors globally between the ages of two and 17 have endured physical, emotional or sexual abuse; and 17 million adult women admitted having a forced sexual relationship during their childhood. In Australia alone, 17 percent of women and four percent of men experienced sexual assault since the age of 15.

It’s what Sarah Griffiths calls a global crisis.  She now spends her days and nights, helping her fellow trauma and abuse survivors to heal: quickly and sustainably. She is among a finite group of fully credentialed and trained Rapid Transformational Therapists and provides therapy services internationally via her 1:1 or group online sessions. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a combination of hypnotherapy and traditional therapies like neuro-linguistic programming and cognitive behavioral therapy that she says can cure limiting emotional and mental health issues including trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety and unexplained physical symptoms that have an emotional root. RTT can then be combined with coaching to help clients achieve their holistic life goals.  


Griffiths one-of-a-kind programs and services use this combination along with what she calls “root cause focus and personal transformation” for lasting results. Her clients say things like: “I now have so much peace and happiness”; “I had instant results and feel amazing”; and “I feel so much stronger and empowered now.”

“As an abuse and trauma therapist, I hear firsthand the horrific stories of sexual and other types of abuse and see how dramatically the lives of survivors are impacted. It needs to be prioritized by policy makers in support of the millions who suffer from the lasting effects and we need more resources to help victims and their families,” stressed Griffiths who is herself a survivor of childhood trauma which led to a suicide attempt. 

“Equally important is that we need to dispel the notion that healing from trauma has to involve years of therapy where the trauma is continually revisited. My methods and programs are specifically designed to bring rapid life-changing results – often for those who have spent years in talk therapy with little to no results. My clients frequently experience a big shift in their first session which restores their hope so they can continue on the healing journey,” she added. 

Griffiths programs center around six major areas to help clients:

  • Take back full control in every aspect of their life.
  • Feel safe in all situations.
  • Nurture loving and healthy relationships 
  • Let go of all guilt and shame
  • Establish boundaries and values 
  • Visualize and create an ideal life.

Until sexual abuse and other trauma; emotional and physical are addressed aggressively by our lawmakers and society in general shifts its views, I will keep helping victims to get their lives back. It’s just a tragedy though that so many are not getting the help they need,” added Griffiths.


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