Guru Authority to Help Subject Matter Experts Build Online Businesses

Published on April 8, 2016

Online marketers Jeff Vacek and Guy Lyman called in by CEO Chris Chickering to expand range of biz dev services for authors, speakers, coaches, bloggers and other experts and authorities.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 1, 2016 . . . Founded in 2007 to help established authors, speakers, coaches, bloggers and other experts grow their online businesses, Guru Authority has announced it now will be offering consulting to “emerging gurus” as well, with a full range of services to help them build their businesses.

“This is something I’ve meant to do for awhile,” said Guru Authority Founder and CEO Chris Chickering. “I’ve been helping heavy hitters grow their already successful online businesses, but now I’d like to also help folks who are just getting started in this industry apply proven principles to get off to a strong start.”

To expand the company’s arsenal of services, Chickering has called in two long-time online marketing experts: Jeff Vacek, an online business development specialist and technician, and Guy Lyman, a 35-year veteran of advertising and marketing.

Guru Authority will now be able to assist up and coming gurus from the ground up in building their online businesses and developing multiple income streams. Typical examples would be authors, speaker, experts, coaches or authorities with unique knowledge who want to grow online followings for sales of training programs, masterminds, webinars, CDs or live events.

“We are not just going to be coaching or consulting,” said Chickering. “We can now also help clients with the nuts and bolts of actually putting the business together – the website, list development, email campaigns, strategic alliances, whatever they need.”

Guru Authority will continue to work with established gurus as well. “Putting together joint ventures for people who already have strong online businesses is what got me to where I am, and of course we’ll continue to pursue these opportunities,” said Chickering, who has worked with such industry legends as Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy and Vic Johnson.

Established in 2007, Guru Authority is based in Santa Fe, with satellite offices in New Orleans and Houston.

Company Name: Guru Authority
Contact Person: Chris Chickering
Phone: 505-982-1000
Country: USA