Haitian Human Rights Group Appeals to International Counterparts to Intervene in Dominican Republic’s “Ethnic Cleansing” within Its Borders

Published on June 30, 2015

Haitian Human Rights Group has voice its disapproval of how the Dominican Republic Government is treating fellow Haitians members within its country.

“’The bloody origins of the Dominican Republic’s ethnic ‘cleansing’ of Haitians,’ is how a recent Washington Post headline referred to the dastardly and inhumane treatment being meted out to fellow Haitians living in the Dominican Republic,” said Jean Pierre Turgot , President of the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce.

“This act of genocide must stop, and it is against background that we are now calling on all human rights group and supporters for social freedom and justice to internecine so that a moral and humane solution can be arrived at,” added Turgot from the Chamber’s office in Lauderhill.

The group (Haitian Human Rights Group) observed that if a humane solution cannot be agreed upon, then thousands of Haitian lives and families would be displaced, plus the economic and social hardship of all concerned would be grave to comprehend and the Chamber’s Board supported the seating and march on Thursday, the 25th 2015 in front of the Dominican Republic consulate downtown Miami.

“What if the USA was to declare, starting today, they would commence collecting all immigrants of Dominican Republic ancestry for immediate deportation… what would that be like?” opined the president, very pensively.

Noting the situation the Haitian immigrants are currently facing in the Dominican Republic, the group of concern Haitians, whose mission is to strategically manage Haitian interests locally and internationally for economic stability, said they’ll continue to be the economic gateway for Haiti.

“This is a position, we hope, will foster true partnership for Trade and Investment between Haiti, the Sunshine State, and other countries,” noted Mr. Turgot. He continues to state that as the vice president Mrs. Djénane StFleur Gourgue exposed it last May 18th 2014 during her presentation at the Haitian American Business Forum organized by AmCham Haiti where many Chambers of Commerce and Business Networks from the US reunited.

“Our country and fellow citizens need to focus on national production and consumption so we can deter international economic dumping”.

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