Hanna Hermanson and Dream Life is Real Life launches Free Mini-Course Online for Female Entrepreneurs

Published on March 7, 2019

After a career in education, at a start-up and working from home, Hanna Hermanson realized she was not being fulfilled. She began to focus on building her dream life – coaching others to lead enriching lives and businesses.

Hermanson helps her coaching clients focus on their business aspirations, become more productive and hold themselves accountable for their dreams and business goals.

To show the powerful results possible, Hermanson is launching a free mini-course, How To Confidently Build And Sell Your High-Ticket Offer (In Less Than 1 Week).

The course is designed for women entrepreneurs ready to start a business, diversify their income, add a high ticket offer or grow an online aspect to their existing business. This is a free opportunity to get the kick-start and support needed to dream big.

The mini-course features:

  • 5 straight-forward and action-oriented video trainings delivered to your Facebook Messenger app.
  • Feedback and support throughout the mini-course from Hermanson, a Forbes Coaches Council member and your host.
  • Access to a community of more than 1,200 service-based entrepreneurs
  • A 100 percent guarantee that you will build clarity and confidence around your offerings and easily command 5 figures for what you already have.


“Whether you are just starting a business or looking to grow your revenue by 5 times this year, you need to learn how to confidently build and sell an offer that you love, and others need,” Hermanson said.

Who should take this free mini-course? Any women entrepreneur who answers yes to one of these questions:

  • Are you unsure of how to scale your business in the best way?
  • Do you ask yourself whether it’s time to start a group program, hire a team, raise your prices or make more content?
  • Do you feel you’re bringing a lot to the table, but your clients aren’t showing up or getting results? Are you wondering if there’s something wrong with you?
  • Do you want to want to permanently join the 5-Figure Monthly Club, bringing in $10,000 each month consistently?
  • Are you tired of experimenting with “lead generation” and having to forge new relationships around the clock?


Join Hanna Hermanson, a personal business coach who has supported 1,000s of inspired go-getters to create, share, and monetize their passion projects. Make your Dream Life your Real Life by taking action on the same game plan that has built dozens of 6-figure organizations in record time. Register today for the 5-day mini-course here.

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Contact Person: Hanna Hermanson
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Phone: (608) 751-9413
Country: United States
Website: http://www.dreamlifeisreallife.com