Hans Rijfkogel: Balmoral Anejo XO cigars now available in Hong Kong

Published on May 28, 2019

Royal Agio Cigars partnered with CigarsOfHabanos.com in a high-profile Balmoral Anejo XO introduction. 

Exclusive partnership with CigarsOfHabanos.com

Asia Marketing Services Director , Hans Rijfkogel said: “We are excited to launch Balmoral Anejo XO in Hong Kong through an exclusive partnership with CigarsOfHabanos.com.

Hong Kong is an important international hub for Asia. Our partnership with CigarsOfHabanos.com will help build the premium handmade cigar brand in the region and we are thrilled to offer Balmoral Anejo XO to the customers from CigarsOfHabanos.”

Provide online shoppers with the latest and greatest products

CigarsOfHabanos.com is delighted to list the brand and the limited edition Balmoral Anejo XO Gran Perfecto FT handmade cigars on their website. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of premium cigars, CigarsOfHabanos is committed to providing shoppers with the latest and greatest products, and the partnership with one of the world’s leading cigar manufacturers, Royal Agio Cigars, supports this mission. CigarsOfHabanos offers free worldwide shipping. 

Truly inspirational cigar smoking experience

The Anejo XO line is a preferred premium cigar line amongst cigar aficionados and has consistently received high ratings from the internationally acclaimed Cigar Journal. 

It delivers sophisticated, complex notes of cedar, cacao and peppery spices that finish with a smooth, underlying natural sweetness for a truly inspirational cigar smoking experience. 

Royal Agio Cigars 

Royal Agio Cigars is a leading global manufacturer of premium cigars offering internationally renowned brands such as Balmoral, Panter and Meharis. Established by Jacques Wintermans in 1904 and currently headed by Boris Wintermans (4th generation), Royal Agio Cigars continues to be an independent family company with headquarters located in Duizel, Holland. 

During the company’s 100 year anniversary, Agio Cigars was awarded the Royal Warrant of Appointment by Her Majesty, Queen of the Netherlands, formally changing the company name to Royal Agio Cigars.  Today, Royal Agio cigars are distributed to more than 100 countries globally. Agio Cigars has production facilities located in the Dominican Republic, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Sri Lanka.

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Country: Taiwan
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