Heart Health Today by Former Cardiologist and Anti-Aging Specialist Dr. Donald Zone

Published on May 8, 2019

A Former Emergency Room Cardiologist Now Offers Expertise on Living a Heart Healthy Lifestyle.

It’s no secret that there’s an epidemic health crisis in America, something that’s been developing over the past few decades. Fueled by the fast food industry, Americans have reached dangerous levels of obesity and health issues connected with being overweight. Chief amongst them are diabetes and heart disease.

Luckily, there are also an ever-increasing number of healthy lifestyle options available to those who have an interest in healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives.

One of the health professionals who has a growing passion to educate the public in terms of common health concerns is Dr. Donald Zone. For many years Dr. Zone, now of Hilton Head, SC, had a prominent career as a cardiologist in Pennsylvania treating heart disease, congenital heart problems, rhythm disorders and heart failure.

“If you had a heart attack and they wheeled you in through the emergency room doors, I was one of those you saw waiting for you,” Dr. Zone says. Now my mission is more of an educational one, helping others know how they can take responsibility, through lifestyle choices, for their own health,” Dr. Zone says. “Things like nutrition and stress reduction techniques such as activity and meditation are so very important in maintaining healthy function in our cells and therefore overall health.”

Simple changes in diet, it turns out, can help eliminate some of the factors that can result in heart disease. In recent years we’ve learned that inflammation is one of the culprits that can result in many forms of disease and damage to our bodies.

Often natural food supplements can assist in fighting disease, and even reverse some existing conditions. According to Dr. Zone, “Things like high quality omega 3s, turmeric, cumin and vitamin D have properties that will naturally fight disease, but most people don’t get a sufficient dose of these through diet or supplements, even if they regularly take vitamins. With omega 3s especially, it’s very important to make sure it’s from an uncontaminated source. We’ve found that krill oil, derived from a tiny shrimp that some whales feed on, is a very high quality and abundant source of omega 3.”

Vitamin E, which is now known to be at least 8 different identifiable compounds, is also a well-known nutrient that can help to minimize cell damage that occurs though stress, pollution and the toxins and chemicals present in many processed foods. 

“We also want to markedly reduce our intake of trans fats since they have been shown to be detrimental to our health. A better fat, and one that is part of the very healthy Mediterranean diet, is extra virgin olive oil, the type produced without chemical solvents. Avocados have also proven to contain very healthy fats. “I try to eat an avocado every day to keep my circulatory system healthy,” Dr. Zone says.

An overview of Dr. Zone’s heart healthy program, a healthy way of living through proper nutrition, activity, meditation and stress reduction, is laid out in his book, Heart Health Today: 6 Current Ways to Improve Our Heart Health.The Amazon best seller offers comprehensive, very specific advice on ways to protect your heart and entire body from a variety of compounds that can cause disease.

In addition to his efforts in public awareness, Dr. Zone is also training other doctors in ways to help prevent heart disease. He and others have embarked on a program called “Heart Health Today” that involves a blog with lots of preventative lifestyle information and is also presented on the platform of Youthful and Ageless, which is on various TV networks every day.  

“The field of heart health has come such a long way over my career, and now people have access to many advanced procedures and pharmaceuticals that can help maintain cardiovascular health, but what we can do for ourselves can be even more effective, especially in the long term, for maintaining heart health. It’s a very simple principle, and in short, I refer to this as ‘starting on the inside.’ By offering this information and the book, it’s my attempt at providing what I consider to be a modern-day house call.”

Dr. Zone also offers a variety of supplements on his website in support of rejuvenation science, as well as summaries of the most up-to-date scientific information on heart health. “We encourage you to review the supplement profiles and consider Biom3ga™ Krill Oil, Probiotics and Vitamin D-3 K-2 to start,” Dr. Zone suggests.

Dr. Donald Zone was recently featured by Adrienne Papp as Best Anti-Aging Doctor in Hollywood Weekly magazine. For more information on Dr. Zone’s heart healthy lifestyle, health supplements and his book visit https://hearthealthtoday.com  and YouthfulandAgeless.com.

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