Heath Rost, Founder of Personable Media, Interviewed on Business Innovators Magazine Radio Show to Discuss Website Design

Published on April 26, 2016

Business Innovators Magazine covers stories from the most innovative leaders in business such as Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos and Dave Ramsey. The interview with Heath Rost was published on April 21, 2016

Heath Rost, founder of Personable Media, recently stopped by the online radio show hosted to discuss web design, with host Mike Saunders from Marketing Huddle. The conversation covered a range of topics all centered around effective web design for small businesses.

In particular, Mr. Rost noted that effective web design should allow companies to, “be themselves through their websites.” He and his company have focused their mission and services around this philosophy, helping small businesses get their message out.

Mr. Rost and Saunders each noted that small businesses have so much noise to get through, in order remain competitive in the marketplace. To help clients overcome this obstacle, Personable Media has helped create websites that are more conversation pieces instead of menus. This type of structure is more conducive to marketing a company’s brand, as opposed to the menu approach.

Mr. Rost noted the importance of tailoring websites to maximize user experiences on desktop computers and mobile devices. Mr. Saunders agreed, citing the “tech-neck” phenomenon that exists in society, and the importance of mobile devices in shopping for everything from lawyers to groceries.

Both speakers agreed that building a solid foundational website was key for successful marketing and sales growth. It is hard to predict the future, which why creating a flexible and adaptive website that can be enhanced in the future is key for long term growth.

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