Henry Ford Implements $5 Per Day Living Wage In 1914 And Now 110 Years Later Trinity Publications Group Models That Bold Move With A 6-Figure Living Wage Guarantee

Published on January 8, 2024

On January 5th, 2024, a historic resolution in the nature of Henry Ford's $5 per day wage in 1914 has emerged, setting a new standard of compensation. Trinity Publications Group ensures a guaranteed 6-figure living wage through how-to book syndications.

This announcement addresses the pressing need for conscious compensation in a world where a meager $15 minimum wage is a subject of debate. A staunch advocate for the working class, Christine Sierra love, founder of Trinity Publications Group, a business book producer, emphasizes the significance of a living wage for all.

“My grandpa worked for Firestone Tires for thirty-five years. Because of his commitment to the company and the company’s commitment to him, he was able to buy multiple homes, get married, have children, send those children to college, be the deacon of his church, run for and get elected to city council and even had a side business hauling trash with his best friend. That’s the way it should be when you dedicate 40 to 60 hours a week to grow someone else’s business. You should be able to have a life, a good life,” said Love.

Drawing inspiration from Ford’s innovative assembly line, Love redeveloped her decade in the publishing industry through the power of an AI-optimized tech and talent taskforce. Just as Ford’s innovations transformed manufacturing, Love’s vision is to create a new market economy based on converting everyday skillsets into shareworthy assets.

Love states, “A six-figure living wage prioritizes high-value skillsets like problem solving, founding new opportunities, and transforming big ideas into physical reality, skillsets that can’t be replaced by artificial intelligence, robotics, or automation.”

In an era where workers in Ford’s time found job satisfaction through proper incentives, today’s “Great Resignation” phenomenon — a time when employees voluntarily resigned from their jobs en masse in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, primarily because of wage stagnation amid rising cost of living, limited opportunities for career advancement, hostile work environments, lack of benefits, inflexible remote-work policies, and long-lasting job dissatisfaction — underscores the need for change.

People have returned to work post-pandemic, but the challenges of inflation, rising utility costs, and unaffordable housing persist, intensifying the need for fair compensation.

Just as Ford’s workers faced a process to earn their $5 per day, Love’s publishing partners embark on a developmental journey. By following specific requirements, partners have the opportunity to achieve a guaranteed 6-figure living wage within 12 months.

Just as the impact of Ford’s wage increase rippled through the automotive industry, elevating autoworkers to the middle class, Love envisions a future where every person creates their own self-sustaining economy, not through hard labor, but through self-determination and authorship.

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