Highland Media Agency Introduces New Brand Identity And Website

Published on February 18, 2019

Neil Howe, CEO of Highland Media Agency launches a new brand identity as The Authority Architect to showcase what's working now in media marketing.

Highland Media Agency, an Atlanta based media marketing agency, launched a brand new strategy and website that elevates what’s working now in authority positioning and marketing and keeping its place at the forefront of the authority marketing industry.

“I have grown my business significantly over the past few years and have been one of the first to introduce the concept of authority marketing using the media to local business professionals, entrepreneurs and service providers. As the years have passed our knowledge of what is working now has changed and a new website and brand identity was needed to translate that,” said Neil Howe, founder and CEO of Highland Media Agency, known as ‘The Authority Architect’. “Today, we offer our clients a streamlined way to get the attention of the media and use their authority platform to share their brand message to the masses.”

An updated website was introduced at TheAuthorityArchitect.com to reflect the new brand identity and showcase the features of a great authority media campaign that can catapult a client to new levels of success.

Designed in partnership with 3Owl.Agency, a web design and branding agency in Atlanta, the new visual identity and website present Highland Media Agency as modern and evolving while better communicating The Authority Architect’s strengths.

With 5 years of experience in Authority Marketing and Positioning and another 7 in Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing, Neil Howe has an intimate knowledge of what makes a client stand out from the competition and attract the best customers or clients. He has worked on hundreds of Best Seller promotions as well as positioned business professionals on local TV, and has interviewed over 300 entrepreneurs via syndicated podcasts. Howe is a 3-time #1 Best Selling author and podcast host of the popular, Trust Factor Radio show.

Howe expressed, “In order to really stand out as the expert people want to do business with, you need to be seen as the authority and having a best selling book and sharing that success on your local TV station is enough authority to last a lifetime in business and propel you and your business to the next level. It truly is one of the fastest ways to succeed and outshine your competitors.”

Howe has a sincere passion to help business owners and professionals who are the educators and advocates for the success of their customer, patients, and clients. He believes that sharing their brand story and their willingness to solve problems is the ultimate road to success.

For more information about Neil Howe and Highland Media Agency, visit:

http://TheAuthorityArchitect.com or call Neil @ 404-428-1399

Company Name: Highland Media Agency
Contact Person: Neil C Howe
Email: howeneil1@gmail.com
Phone: 4044281399
Country: United States
Website: http://HighlandMediaAgency.com