Hong Kong Language School Q Language Survey Reveals Employment & Higher Education Prospects Significant Increase

Published on December 6, 2019

Q Language, a leading language course provider in Hong Kong has released details of a survey on student achievements in the period Nov 2018 – Nov 2019.

Q Language, a provider of English and Chinese full-time language courses in Hong Kong, conducted a survey on the individual external progress of each student attending courses over the last year.

It was found that 88% of students passed their target IELTS test for English or HSK for Mandarin Chinese. Of these, over 70% managed to secure job or higher education placements in Hong Kong or Asia Pacific. This number represents a 17% increase in language success compared to 2017.

The nationality and academic background of the students surveyed was more diverse than in previous years. With students from 32 different countries, the high school graduates were aiming for university placement and degree holders targeted Master degree acceptance.

In one particular case study, Lena Kalashnikova, a Russian student of Mandarin Chinese secured a place in International Finance at the prestigious Hong Kong University based on her achieved fluency in 5 languages after passing HSK6 (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi exam) within 12 months study at Q Language. Asked for comment on her experience, Ms. Kalashnikova said, “The intensive and immersive nature of the course was the key to my speedy progress.”

Another student surveyed, Ms Seok Da Rae from South Korea, who was on a Hong Kong student visa arranged by Q Language, said, “My English improvement at Q Language and advice from my teacher was the key to securing full-time employment in the IT Design field in Hong Kong after 6 months of intensive study.”

Another interesting fact highlighted was the spike in success of employment. Since HKSAR now offers Working Holiday Visas to a number of countries (including Korea Japan, France, Germany, Hungary & Switzerland), students came to Q Language to prepare language or employment under this scheme. Almost 90% of these students managed to secure part or full-time jobs during or after course completion.

From those seeking full-time employment with HKSAR working visas, the number of successful candidates from Q Language rose by 28% compared to the last year. The industries having most interest included hotels, social media marketing, IT, entertainment, trading & education. Banking was actually lower on the list compared to previous expectations. This shift in career opportunities is a sign that Hong Kong still offers huge potential for industries outside the traditional finance houses.

Q Language also assessed the course duration needed for their students to achieve the desired scoring in related exams. The average was 7.5 months for English and 10 months for Chinese learners.

Based on these results, Q Language is now gearing 2020 classes to assist students even further in their academic or career goals. Additional teaching professionals with specific experience in various industries are being sourced.

Full details of the survey results are available on request.

Over the last 10 years, Q Language has continued its quest to be at the forefront of adult language education in Hong Kong and ensure students are focused and successful in their aspirations.

School Director, Stuart McCutcheon Barrett, said, “We have seen a significant rise in young professionals especially from Europe choose Hong Kong as their study and work base in Asia. Both myself and the staff at Q Language consider ourselves very fortunate to have the chance to guide these students towards their goals.”

Open year-round and with in-house visa processing facilities, Q Language is now inviting potential students aged 18+ to get in touch for consultation via the website below.

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