House Cleaning Company Gets National Attention For Quality Maid Services In Atlanta

Published on May 22, 2018

Atlanta House Cleaning, a maid service in Atlanta gets national media attention for their apartment cleaning services in Atlanta, GA.

Living in an apartment in Atlanta, or any city comes with the inevitable problem of having to move on and get a move out cleaning for the apartment.

Whether it is a college dorm, or a first shot at living alone, or a temporary space when transitioning to a new job, there comes a time when finding a permanent home is a priority. Apartments are for transition and aren’t generally lived in for more than a year or two before having to be cleaned for a new resident.

Apartment companies in Atlanta often require that a move out cleaning be done by a professional cleaning company and to leave the apartment in the same condition as it was when moved in to.

This asks a lot of the resident and cleaning company, especially if the apartment was shared and maybe not cared for as a private residence may be. Most residents do take care of their apartment and are eager to get their deposit back, however, they still have to show the apartment in good condition and a receipt from a professional cleaning company.

Atlanta House Cleaning is aware of residents searching for a quality maid service in Atlanta to handle the cleaning after all the moving has been done. It is often very hard to clean after moving and Atlanta House Cleaning owner Dawn McClure is happy to take up that burden.

“We know that the last thing that people want to do after moving is clean, but it is necessary to get that deposit back and we are happy to be able to step in and take that task away from tired residents. We understand that getting the deposit back is important to apartment dwellers and we do everything we can to make sure the apartment is as clean as possible,” stated McClure.

Atlanta House Cleaning apartment move out service includes the interior of the refrigerator and oven, which are notoriously tough cleaning jobs. Cobweb removal, fan cleaning, inside cabinets and kitchen and bathroom cleaning are other areas of concern to apartment owners as they are doing the walk through inspection.

Residents have been very happy with the maid cleaning service from Atlanta House Cleaning with customer, Natasha Floersch sharing, “Omgosh the best cleaning company I have ever used in Atlanta! They are great with detail, communication and friendliness. I could not be any happier.”

Apartment cleaning in Atlanta is always going to be a much needed service and this maid service in Atlanta is helping make the move out process just a little easier.

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