How This Company Helps People Learn Spanish Faster By Using Innovative Mindset Techniques

Published on March 19, 2019

Technology made it possible for people to communicate easily, fast and almost cost-free with others and for companies to have access to the workforce all over the world. Also, at no time in the past intercontinental air travel has been so easy and inexpensive as it is today. As a result, more and more people recognize that learning a foreign language is a more and more necessary skill to compete in a global economy.

Mastering a foreign language does require dedication, patience, motivation and the right mindset. Ines Ruiz, former Cambridge University Lecturer and founder of Medita Spanish, thinks that “Learning a foreign language is mostly about having the right mindset. Without this, it will take you a lot longer to have the desired results.”

Mindset describes a way of thinking and it determines how people act in any aspect of their lives. Ruiz says that “If and how fast you acquire a foreign language depends on what you believe about your abilities and your mindset will also dictate the learning method you will choose.”

Here are three mindset components that Medita Spanish incorporates in its teaching methodology, to help people learn Spanish faster:


Little information retention happens when children enroll in a class because their parents think it is for the best. Personal motivation is key to getting good results from any learning process. Ruiz says that “It is important to be clear on your why and constantly remind yourself about your main motivation, whether it is getting a promotion or simply wanting to better communicate with your neighbor.”


While doing mistakes has always been the way to learn, school and exams teach us that failure has bad consequences. As a result, people try to avoid as many mistakes as they can.

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; this is how you grow. Having the confidence that you can do this goes a long way. Fear of failure is usually the biggest barrier to success,” says Ruiz.


As with any learning process, consistency is key to picking up a foreign language. Consistency translates into the total time you are putting into learning. Ruiz says that “Have specific learning goals in mind, like spending a certain time every day on language learning or perform a certain set of activities each day. Although it is possible to become fluent in a new language in only a few months, this requires a concentrated effort.”

Ruiz adds that “Research has shown that the people who learn the most effectively have a growth mindset. They are not worried about their mistakes, they challenge themselves and this is how they have success. So keep going and be consistent and soon you will see the results.”

“We foster a growth mindset by incorporating techniques like meditation in our learning methodology and we have seen a dramatic change in our students’ performance. Bringing together Spanish learning and meditation techniques can be a game changer because we are making the learning process more meaningful. It is very effective for improving focus, the way brain processes and stores new information while increasing the overall productivity,” concludes Ruiz.

After years of teaching Spanish at Cambridge University, Ines Ruiz realized that learning a new language does not depend on IQ or language and grammar skills, but on having the right mindset. As a result, she founded Medita Spanish, a company that uses innovative mindset techniques to accelerate the results of its students.

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