How To Pivot Small Business Strategies Using Video

Published on May 5, 2020

Right here, right now, we are all going through a shift: A tipping point where we must adjust and take the path less traveled. Meghan Cosenzo, producer and videographer of Cosenzo Media, is certainly feeling it right now.

Working in the film and television industry as a technician and freelancer for over 12 years, Meghan got used to the ups and downs. Work was inconsistent, so she became accustomed to preparing herself for the slow periods.

Needless to say, this moment in history is something different. Instead of the usual face-to-face interaction we all know, like and trust as human beings, we have to find new ways of experiencing a “social life.” Social distancing has forced people like Meghan to engage with platforms and technologies that she wouldn’t even have thought possible earlier in her life.

“Now is an exciting time,” Meghan says. “A lot more people are getting online and reaching out to their friends, loved ones, colleagues, clients and patients — and in more creative ways.”

“Video, which was already an impactful form of communication, is fully stepping up to the plate with livestream video calls and virtual events. Young and old, we are all welcoming it with open arms.”

Thankfully, because we can stream video so easily over the internet, our quarantine doesn’t seem quite so lonely and isolating. The question is, what are you doing to learn and grow with the times? Are you trying new forms of communication? Or do you feel out of your comfort zone when it comes to recording video or “going live”?

Meghan is making a shift in her own business. She is moving her media company in an entirely new direction — one she didn’t see coming, but is ready for. “My goal,” she says, “is to help as many people as possible embrace video communication and all of the wonderful benefits it has to offer. We don’t have to be isolated, and we don’t have to feel uncomfortable sharing and connecting with others.”

She’s releasing a new webinar called “The 4 Key Elements of DIY Videos” that teaches some of the key factors to consider when creating, developing and shooting your own videos within the comforts of your home. It doesn’t matter whether your videos are for business or personal use — the elements Meghan covers in her webinar can be applied universally.

It is a virtual, DIY type of world out there — are you ready to take on the challenge? If so, sign up for Meghan’s free webinar today to learn “The 4 Key Elements of DIY Videos.”

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