Ian Lajoie’s hit book “Strategymension” Results in World Tour

Published on June 1, 2020

#1 Performance Coach and International Speaker, Ian Lajoie’s book, Strategymension, was released last year, and its huge international success has allowed him to travel the world.

Lajoie is well-known as the host #LeMotduCoach Live everyday weekday, as an international speaker and the CEO of Lajoie Performance International. His academy train Performance Coach and help hundred of entrepreneur worldwide. His skills in this area have helped countless entrepreneurs level up their businesses. In fact, he has been so successful in this line of work that in 2018 he was named the Coach of the Year by the Business Community 360 Canada.

His book, Strategymension, is in many ways an extension of this work. With it, Lajoie wants to help business leaders become better versions of themselves, so they can grow their companies, hit their targets and achieve their goals. To do this, he walks readers through the very same rules he has applied to his own life, which have helped him get to where he is today. He can guarantee that people who apply these rules will see the benefits immediately in both their personal and professional lives.

Strategymension was released late 2019, and is available on Amazon.com. In it, Lajoie outlines his six rules for everyday life, which include everything from “having fun, whatever you’re doing” to taking actionsss and never giving up. Since hitting the market, the book has offered invaluable advice to hundreds of CEOs, business owners and world leaders, teaching them the power of succeeding through fun, strategy and actionsss. Owing to its immense success, the book has more recently been translated, and a French version is now available.

With the announcement of the book’s publication last year, Lajoie declared that his goal was to take action, travel the world, and have fun every single day. He has most certainly achieved that, with his world book tour taking him everywhere from Montreal to Bangkok to Madagascar to Paris to Morrocco to Ivory Coast and to Gabon. While on his travels, he has had the opportunity to appear on such television channels as the 20H News on Gabon Television and Montreal’s TVRS, and to meet the Ivory Coast’s Minister of Education and the Prime Minister of Gabon.

“Since publishing my book last year, I’ve been on a world tour, my business coaching shot to 6 figures and I’ve had multiple TV appearances!” – Ian Lajoie, Author and CEO, Lajoie Performance international.

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