The Importance of Home Inspections

The Importance of Home Inspections

Home inspectors can save consumers from costly repairs, but selecting this service is often an over looked part of buying a home.

Many times home buyers ask their realtors if home inspections are a necessary part of the home buying process, and the answer from the realtor is always a resounding yes! A home inspection is the buyers’ chance to have the home inspected by a licensed professional, and their offer is contingent on the home inspection report coming back as satisfactory. If it is not, the buyers have the option of asking for the repairs they would like the seller to complete or killing the deal altogether. Home inspectors are the only professionals buyers deal with that are licensed and qualified by the state to advise buyers in this area. Realtors, loan officers, appraisers, surveyors, and escrow agents all have their particular field of expertise and home inspections are not one of them.

Just because a home has never been lived in does not mean a buyer should waive their right to a home inspection. Nothing in this world is perfect and new construction homes are no different.

“Often times a client will ask me if it is necessary for a home inspection on a new construction home. I guess since it is a new build they feel better about waiving the contingency, but I advise against it. The builders make mistakes when building the home and the home inspector is the person to catch those mistakes,” said Erich “Rak” Sorensen, Realtor.

Some builders construct over 100 homes per year and there is no way for the general contractor to be on every job site overseeing every aspect of the home building process. Even with foremen to help out the general contractor, details fall through the cracks. And without a home inspection those items will not be caught by most home buyers.

Depending how a home has been maintained, a home inspection on an existing home can turn up minor issues or major issues. “More often than not the items an inspector finds on an existing home are minor fixes. There might be 10-20 items but all minor stuff. It’s the big stuff buyers need to look out for such as foundation, electrical, and plumbing issues,” said Erich “Rak” Sorensen, Realtor. A lengthy home inspection report does not necessarily mean a buyer should lose hope and kill the deal. If the sellers are willing to repair the items the home buyer wants completed, the buyers should be at ease moving on to the next step in their home buying process.

The two biggest things home buyers need to remember about home inspections are to get a home inspection and ask the home inspector about any items on the report they are do not fully understand. The home inspection is the buyers chance to make sure the home they are purchasing is what they think it is. Extensive and costly repairs not only eat up a home buyers’ pocketbook but can also cost them time in their new home.

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