In Response To The Corporate Squeeze On Pet Businesses, PetBiz Profits Announces TV Channel Opportunity To Promote Independents

Published on March 18, 2019

PetBiz Profits has launched a "3 Unfair Advantages Bundle" of services for Pet Businesses, including a main TV Channel offer for one Pet Business in each US city or town to own a dedicated 24/7 TV Channel.

Brian Richards, CEO of PetBiz Profits, has just launched a new TV Channel service to support independent Pet Businesses in their efforts to remain competitive, enhance visibility and boost authority positioning in their local regions.

“Most pet businesses, such as Vet Clinics, Animal Hospitals and Pet Stores, have never imagined they could own their own dedicated 24/7 TV Channel and Programs in their home city or region,” said Richards.

Pioneered by Roku, the market for On Demand TV is exploding as more and more “cord-cutters” acquire streaming devices. Given this accelerating growth, Roku believes that all TV content will become available by On Demand streaming soon.

As specialists in Pet Business marketing, PetBiz Profits has developed and launched an industry-first opportunity for one pet business type in each US city or town to own their own TV Channel.

“Imagine the impact of being the only Vet Clinic, Animal Hospital or Pet Store in town with your own TV Channel,” Richards explains.

“This can transform your reputation overnight, allowing you to achieve immediate ‘Visible Expert’ status, gain wider authority exposure, credibility and trust, and help fight back against the corporate squeeze affecting most pet businesses,” he continues.

According to Richards, one of the fastest, simplest ways for a person or business to gain “Visible Expert” status is to appear on the TV sets in people’s family rooms.

PetBiz Profits has just launched a new “3 Unfair Advantages Bundle” with 3 components for one fast-mover pet business in each of several US cities or towns.

The first component is the main TV Channel offer, which PetBiz Profits is making available in approximately 30 US cities, based on who signs up first. This is a city-wide exclusive for one Vet Clinic or Animal Hospital and one Pet Store in these 30 US cities.

The second component is a complimentary $70,000 Platinum Profit Booster Bonus Package of marketing services for TV Channel clients who sign up in the first 10 US cities. A detailed overview of all the services being delivered is available at

The third component, implemented immediately after sign up, is a proprietary Cost Recovery Program. Called “Found Money for Pet Businesses”, this initiative looks for “found money”, including significant cost savings, recoveries and tax benefits, at least equal to and often much more than the amount of the investment in the TV Channel.

Richards points to a 17-year track record in cost recovery, showing repeatedly that this process can usually recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for each client.

This immediate cost recovery exercise could possibly allow a pet business to make a substantial profit on its TV Channel purchase quickly and easily, even before the completion of all building and broadcasting of the TV Channel or delivering all the other complimentary services in the Platinum Profit Booster Bonus Package.

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