IndieGoGo Campaign Launched for Actor Eden Marryshow’s New Film, My Girl

Published on September 8, 2014

Actor, director and filmmaker Eden Marryshow has co-written the script for new film, My Girl, and is seeking to raise $250,000 through Indiegogo.

New York –  September 5, 2014 –  Actor, director and filmmaker Eden Marryshow has co-written the script for a new film and is seeking to raise $250,000 through Indiegogo. From special education educator to movie maker, this dynamic movie actor and filmmaker was fueled by a tragedy to fulfill his dreams. His new film “My Girl” was inspired by one of his beloved students who was killed in a drive-by shoot out. Marryshow states that “I promised everybody that I was going to go after my dreams. I taught these kids all the time that you need to go after your dreams.”

His journey had modest beginnings. His first film was “This Thing Called Love.” With the help of a buddy, he sold the film out of his van and at shopping malls. His entrepreneurial spirit resulted in selling 3,000 copies. This gave him the confidence to keep pursuing his dream. According to Marryshaw, “And then I said, I’ve got to get into acting classes to meet more actors, so I can make better projects.“ Taking acting classes gave him the opportunity to hone his acting skills while making the needed contacts in the industry. It’s a tough industry to break into, but Marryshow is living proof that it can be done.

Marryshow didn’t stop there, and his dedication and persistence paid off. He had appearances as an actor on shows like “Nurse Jackie,” “Unforgettable,” and “Blue Bloods.” His additional accomplishments include theatrical stage plays, McDonald’s commercials and appearances on “Boardwalk Empire” and the “Normal Heart.” Marryshow is definitely living out his dream of acting, directing and film making.

Marryshow compares his career of acting and filmmaking to that of an artist. He states, “Your instrument is the paint brush. The canvass is actually like whatever script or whatever thing you’re jumping into, and you’re using your body, voice and temperament to create something.”

Without a doubt, this actor is passionate about his craft. In his new film “My Girl,” Marryshow is both actor and director. He attributes this project to the writer Chuck Nido. Nido was instrumental is making the project come to fruition. More information about the film can be found on Facebook and Indiegogo at

Company Name: My Girl-The Film
Contact Person: Eden Marryshow
Phone: 212-249-0974
Country: United States