Innovative Board Certified ADD ADHD Coach and Authority Frank Coppola Hits #1 on Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Transforming the ADD/ADHD Conversation”

Published on February 26, 2015

Board Certified ADD/ADHD Coach Frank Coppola’s latest book, “Transforming the ADD/ADHD Conversation reaches #1 in three Amazon categories.

“ADD is a myth, and I can prove it,” states Frank Coppola. “When a person living with ADD/ADHD is using their strengths; what comes easily and naturally, the signs, symptoms and behaviors that undermine your self-esteem and success disappear.”

Frank Coppola specializes in helping people living with ADD/ADHD gain clarity and focus to generate more income, more profits and more self-fulfillment.

“Harness your strengths, nurture your abilities and acknowledge your uniqueness,” Frank says. “Developing strengths must become the primary goal. Learn to understand and respect the ADD/ADHD that affects you; and this my friend, will be your greatest asset and power advantage.”

According to other authorities in the field, Frank’s proprietary system reaches a broader audience; his work also helps entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals—out-of-the-box thinkers, non-conformists and ‘creatives,’ identify their strengths and talents, and leverage them to create successful and profitable enterprises faster.

“Frank’s work with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and people dealing with procrastination, time management, organization, clarity and focus using their strengths is groundbreaking,” states noted ADD/ADHD Authority David Giwerc’, founder and President of the ADD Coach Academy.

“Transforming the ADD/ADHD Conversation” brings a revealing examination of how a positive shift in attitude towards living with ADD/ADHD can effect a seismic change in our prospects for success, and it may be the guide that so many have been waiting for.

In addition, the book offers a detailed 10-point plan for making the necessary adjustments.  Just one point shifts negative self-talk to a positive and empowering one. The results are powerful and achievable.  

Dr. James Canton from the Institute for Global Futures had this to say about the book, “For everybody who struggles to turn their dreams into reality, Frank Coppola’s book shows the way.” 

“I believe my clients deserve to discover the natural strengths and hidden talents that support their big ideas and passions. And once they manage their time more effectively- doing what they love to do- they are able to consistently exceed their own personal and financial goals,” says Frank.

When asked about what was the most important message he wanted readers to learn from his book, Frank said, “Do what you love to do and the money will come: Once you know what you love to do.”

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