Inspired2Speak Business Accelerator 2020, March 6-8, 2020, Learn Real-life Strategies From Industry-leading Entrepreneurs & Speakers, “Accelerate Your Income, Network, Your Business, & Your LIFE!”

Published on February 17, 2020

During this 3-Day workshop, you'll learn from real speakers & trainers who started their businesses from scratch & have grown their businesses to incredible success. They are coming together to show you how to have even more success in 2020 & beyond!

Inspired2Speak and Dr. James Dentley invite you to the Inspired2Speak Business Accelerator 2020 Live Experience! March 6-8, 2020, at the Hyatt Lodge – McDonald’s Campus, located at 2815 Jorie Boulevard, Oak Brook, IL 60523.

Whether you’re just starting out in entrepreneurship and business or have a dream to start a business… You’ll learn the real-world strategies and tactics that you can immediately implement to take action as the leader of your company… even if you’ve never considered yourself an entrepreneur before.

Meet Your Event Hosts: Dr. James and Kara Dentley

You’ll learn from Dr. James and Dr. Kara Dentley, often called “The Dentley’s,” to all who meet them. Becoming multi-millionaires through speaking and network marketing, Dr. James and Dr. Kara are on a mission to inspire others to live the life they desire and deserve now! The Dentley’s are multiple bestselling authors who have also launched online courses, memberships, speaking tours, and live events earning over $10M. They’ve created content with multiple industry leaders and are often called to advise organizations featuring speakers and presenters such as Colin Farrell, Mario Lopez, Randy Jackson, Ashton Kutcher, and more!
When not training speakers, consulting, and mentoring others, Dr. James and Dr. Kara have a non-profit organization “Already Always Amazing” for Children, Seniors and Veterans.

Keynote Speakers:

• Sharon Lechter, Is the premier expert for financial literacy and entrepreneurial success, an entrepreneur, international speaker, best-selling author, mentor & philanthropist. In addition to being the driving force behind building several multi-million dollar global brands, Sharon is recognized internationally as an expert on many topics, including personal finance, entrepreneurship, publishing, and leadership, and has spoken to audiences all over the United States and the world, including China, Ghana, Uganda, United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, and Ireland. A member of the first President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, Sharon served both President Bush and President Obama, advising them on the need for financial literacy in America as well as advocating for America’s support of financial literacy education internationally. Her impact has been across cultural and political barriers.

• Jose Baeza, An expert in business financing and business credit building. He shares his knowledge on financing trends to help companies raise the needed funds to grow their business. Jose has the exceptional ability to think creatively and uniquely based on his client’s specific situation. He is the “Go-To Guy” client’s trust when seeking additional capital. Jose and his team have continuously navigated changing business environments to raise more than $50 Million for his clients.

• Bill Walsh, CEO & Founder of Business Coaching/Venture Capital Firm, Powerteam International. Bill hosts live events all over the world, delivering a message of transformation and practical applications through life stories that empower people to understand precisely what it takes to build successful companies and life paths. As an accomplished author, speaker, radio personality and movie celebrity, Bill has the background to connect instantly with the audience by sharing the mindset, methods, and systems required to win big, even amidst the challenges of the current economy.

• Dr. Sonja Stribling, Founder of the Born to Be Powerful Academy that empowers the masses not just to Win but Dominate! She is a Transformation Specialist, Influence Expert known as the General to Giants and Best-Selling Author of The Divorce That Saved My Life. A 21-year Army Retired Major, recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, National Speaker for the Think & Grow Rich- The Legacy World Tour, and former TV Host on Bravo Network.

• Daven Michaels, Super entrepreneur, and CEO of 123Employee. He has been a bestselling music and television producer, author, speaker, and successful entrepreneur. Daven has helped thousands of small business owners transform their businesses by showing them how to play ball with the big corporations and beat them at their own game. What sets Daven apart from many others is that he has applied his winning formulas to multiple businesses and has generated millions.

• Ernesto Verdugo, An Author, Entrepreneur, International Public Speaker, Consultant, Accelerated Learning Practitioner, and Internet Coach, Google his name, and you’ll find amongst the over 1,460,000 results, he is listed as the 237th most traveled human being in the universe.

• Roberto C. Candelaria, CEO and Co-Founder of Ready To Propel, LLC, a purpose-driven marketing and talent agency and Creator of Sponsorship For Influencers. His strategies have transformed the way global influencers, speakers, and organizations increase their bottom line by getting sponsored and leveraging their platforms to propel their profits. A recognized industry leader, Roberto’s products and presentations have made him a renowned, innovative expert.

• Mark Aguirre, # 1 Draft Pick, 2 NBA Championships, Aguirre is an American retired basketball player in the National Basketball Association. Aguirre was chosen as the first overall pick of the 1981 NBA draft by the Dallas Mavericks after playing three years at DePaul University.

• Ryan Long, Founder of City Summit & City Gala, The City Summit vision, is to advance the community through humanitarian activities and events. The purpose of the Gala is to assist startup and charitable organizations gain access to funds and awareness. The City Summit assists entrepreneurs in building and growing their business is themed “a world-class, socially conscious business acceleration experience.”

Break Out Sessions With:

• Kara Scott Dentley – TLC & Mastermind
• Jose Baeza – Entrepreneur Funding Expert
• James Dentley – Inspired2Speak Speaker Camp
• Roberto Candelaria – Marketing & Branding
• Robbie & Michael Mathews – Wealth Creation
• Heather Schooler – Business Growth
• Matt Mesick – Real-estate Investing
• Chantel Simone – Life Coaching/Mindology
• Michele Malo – Re-invention Expert
• Tom Chesser – Media & PR Expert
• Jay Johnson – Presentation Expert

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