International Sales Expert and Founder of Salient Communication To Launch Executive Level Sales Training Programs

International Sales Expert Elliot Epstein’s new Executive Level Sales Training program will take sales professionals through a unique process to create a practical and actionable sales growth plan.

International Sales Expert and Founder of Salient Communication, Elliot Epstein will launch his new Executive Level Sales Training program in the new quarter to teach sales executive how to win business at senior levels. This innovative training takes the form of group seminars that are usually capped at 12 attendees to maximise successful outcomes, and ensure high participation.

Most sales professionals do not know how to recognize, analyse and handle the deeper emotional and political drivers of targeted senior decision makers. There is therefore a need to teach sales professionals how to find and use the right language to persuade, convince and differentiate in the face of rigorous competition or indifference from clients.

“Traditional sales training courses and ‘Sales 101’ behaviour will actually harm your relationship with decision makers, not further it. You need to find ways to relate and communicate with non-savvy decision makers and key influencers in order to secure greater advocacy and ownership of the business,” Epstein underlines.

Epstein points out that the training includes an important but often neglected step needed in differentiating sales executives from their competition, which is the inclusion of advanced rapport building with senior executives. Advanced probing and presentation skills are also important inclusions to this training program.

The moment sales executives begin their sales process, they need to prepare for business questions, not just technical questions, states Epstein.

One client had major industry players knocking on their door after implementing Epstein’s sales strategy. They said their new-found confidence and specialized knowledge allowed them to identify new uncharted sales opportunities within their sales funnel.

Another client quoted “Sceptics will become believers …. Elliot Epstein actually delivers positive results.”

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Elliot Epstein is an iconic Australian sales expert and leadership mentor. As an authority in coaching sales people and leaders, he applies over 25 years of experience in business, sales and corporate consulting to over 4000 CEO’s, senior executives and sales teams throughout Australia and Asia. Clients include Forbes 100, ASX 100 companies, BRW Fast 100 companies and award-winning SME’s, all who use Elliot’s Salient Approach to get real world results and immediate ROI.

Elliot is renowned for giving people a wake-up call that changes the way they think about business communication. Sales people become more confident, better at understanding the psychology of clients and able to win more sales at higher margins with less competition. Leaders learn how to get people to ‘walk over hot coals’ for them’

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