International Speaker and Mindset Expert Francis Piché Launches Global Resilience Movement to Help People Bounce Forward from Failure, Turn Frustration into Freedom

Published on September 11, 2019

From health, relationship and financial problems to the death of a loved one or natural disasters, adversity can affect anyone. Mindset expert Francis Piché leads a global movement to help people bounce forward from adversity by tapping into a secret power we already possess.

The American Psychological Association (APA) has defined “resilience” as “the process of adapting well in the face of adversity.” While many mental health professionals take a “damage control” approach that merely reacts to negative events and treats symptoms, many experts in the personal development space are taking a more positive approach by helping people learn how to deal with setbacks and reinvent themselves as a new, improved, happier, stronger, more determined versions of their former selves.

“Resilience is not just the ability to bounce back, but the ability to bounce forward, getting into a better position than we were before,” says Francis Piché, speaker, mindset coach, and founder of The Resistance Element. “Resilience is an element that we all have, but sometimes it’s dormant and we need to activate it – or, reactivate it.”

Piché stumbled upon, and perfected, his unique resilience element as a matter of necessity, bouncing forward from a breakup with his fiancée three months before their wedding, and bouncing forward again when he lost his job in the global economic downturn of 2009. “I know what it is to be scared and just not knowing what’s going to happen,” Piché recalls. “I came back to the industry, but I was never really following my heart.” He remembered what his godfather had written him on his 16th birthday card: “Do what you love and choose what makes your heart come alive, not what will pay you more. Otherwise, you will be poor all your life.”

Taking that advice to heart, Piché decided to follow his passion and leave a legacy to the world, finding his purpose in helping people bounce forward from adversity by unlocking their own resilience element. “I wanted to share that mindset. I asked myself what I could share so that they’re never going to be scared, they’re going to break free and thrive, they’re going to go through the obstacles, they’re going to bounce forward and achieve their wildest dreams?” Piché says. “That’s how everything started.”

Pursuing that vision inspired Piché to train with Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Roger Love and other industry experts. Soon after, Piché kickstarted his own global movement with Resilience Element: Reactivate Your Passion, a documentary film project designed to help people thrive and live life to their fullest potential by tapping into their own innate resilience element.

In The Resilience Element Formula Quick Start Guide, Piché offers a sneak preview of the five components of resilience for removing obstacles and reactivating passion.

  1. Clarity. “Highly successful people seem to always know exactly what they want,” Piché says. “They are often most resilient against adversity because they have a clear idea about what they really want.”
  2. Conviction. For Piché, conviction means living a life of purpose. “Purpose brings a lot of drive and creates massive resilience when dealing with setbacks,” he says.
  3. Certainty. “Highly successful people never question the certainty of the outcome they’re aiming for,” Piché says. “Other people might tell them their goal, passion, or dreams are insane; but they never give up.”
  4. Commitment. “Commitment outlines all the steps you will take on a continuous basis until you reach your goal,” Piché explains. He recommends working with a coach or an accountability partner to boost commitment. “Spending time with an accountability partner can make a huge difference in the execution of your plans and resulting success,” he says.
  5. Courage. According to Piché, no matter how committed someone may be to their goals, they will encounter obstacles. “Failure is not only probable, but certain,” he says. “We cannot avoid adversity, but we can bounce forward, becoming stronger and better as we elegantly deal with failure and face our pain. That’s courage.”

“The Resilience strategies I invested in with Francis helped me launch my podcast, publish my book, and stay accountable for other important projects that impact my business,” says author and podcaster London Porter. “Smart people invest in time saving tools, and Francis’ program is one of those tools.”

“We are all a miracle. We were born with that seeds of greatness and we can reach all of our dreams with Resilience,” Piché says. “No matter what challenges, obstacles, setbacks, and adversity we face, we have the power within us to showcase the best of ourselves.”

Francis Piché is an enthusiastic speaker and mindset coach who loves to share his insights into the importance of resilience, the purpose of life, and the power of the heart. He is the founder of Resilience Element, host of The Resilience Element Show, and is currently working on the documentary film project The Resilience Element.

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