Interview with Shannon Riley Insurance Agent with Trailstone Insurance Group, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast About Serving Mortgage Lenders

Published on January 6, 2022

Shannon Riley discusses her approach to bringing her customers options for their insurance. Serving Colorado mortgage lenders is how Shannon delivers more value to her clients. Providing local personal expertise in guiding her clients to make the best decisions when setting up their homeowners insurance is a strong focus in her business.

Shannon commented that “Buying a home is an exciting time, but there are so many things that can be confusing; I do not want choosing the best homeowners insurance to be one of them! I pride myself in making my mortgage lender partners look like trusted advisers to their clients by providing the highest level of service to them through the homebuying process.”

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Trailstone Insurance Group is an independent insurance agent that represents multiple insurance companies. They are not locked into just one insurance company, which allows them to find the best options for coverage and the best pricing available. There is no charge to use their service; the insurance carriers pay them. 

Having access to over 25 insurance companies means when rates go up with one company, Trailstone has the ability to move their clients’ insurance to a better option…in fact, they have an entire department in their agency focused on just renewals and finding the best coverages!

Dave Ramsey has endorsed Trailstone Insurance Group. Riley commented, “It took us years to pass Dave’s vetting process. We had to prove to Dave’s team that we have the “Heart of a Teach” in our selling approach with our clients. This means we put your needs first before ours or the insurance carriers. Insurance agencies cannot purchase Dave’s endorsement, and it must be earned. Also, if our customers are not happy with our service, we will lose “The Dave Ramsey Trusted” endorsement. To make sure we are continually improving, Dave’s team does monthly training with the leadership here at Trailstone Insurance and asks for feedback directly from our customers.”

About Shannon Riley

Shannon grew up in Evergreen, where she was fortunate enough to spend most of her days soaking up as much of the Colorado wilderness as possible. Skiing, fishing, camping, hunting, four-wheeling, you name it! She was raised a mountain girl through and through. Her favorite thing about where she grew up is the people. You can’t go anywhere in Evergreen without receiving a warm smile from a passerby. She has been immersed in the world of insurance all her life. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she started in the insurance industry while still in high school as a part-time office assistant. There she was able to get her feet wet and start learning the ins and outs of the industry. Once she graduated high school, she jumped headfirst into her insurance career and hasn’t looked back since. During these last 14 years, she has enjoyed working with several different carriers & agencies, both captive and independent, in both personal and commercial lines. After years of searching, she found Trailstone Insurance, an agency that operates with integrity, moral values, and ethical principles. She is extremely proud to be a part of the Trailstone family and feels truly blessed that she is able to share this service with everyone she comes into contact with.

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